A Study On African American Studies Essay

A Study On African American Studies Essay

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Next is John Henrik Clark, who refers to African America Studies as Africana Studies because he believes that Black tells you how you look, not who you are. He goes on to state that he calls African American Studies “a dilemma at the crossroads of history” (Clark 32). This is because European people knew history well enough to distort it and use it, as well as political weapons such as the gun and bible, to control the world. This is the reason why a look at African culture will show what Africana Studies are about or should be about. Africana Studies should embrace the Africans all around the world, in places like Africa, North and South America, the Caribbean Islands even those in Asia and the Pacific Islands. Clarke states that Africa is the basis of world history and black scholars need to be able to prove the African Diaspora academically. He goes on to say that in time when African American Studies matures it will take a global view of African people and understand how they relate to other peoples. This means that African American Studies cannot be taught without some reference to the African background and its relationship to everyday lives. He says “What we do for ourselves depends on what we know of ourselves and what we accept about ourselves” (Clark 42-43). Fundamentally, teaching students the history is the most important part of African American Studies.
Lastly there is John W Blassingame whose perspective on the topic of African American Studies is what one might call controversially different. He believes that because African American Studies was established in a quick manner it may be “cruel hoaxes played on black students” (Blassingame 149). The eagerness of the white colleges to support these programs can lead t...

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...icans; to me they are all Hispanics and come from the same background which in my case is ignorance. I had no idea of Dominicans and how they perceive themselves in terms of race but after taking this class, I have learnt a lot about the Dominican Republic and other Caribbean countries I had less knowledge about such as Haiti.
On the other hand, I agree with Blassingame on one point, it is imperative that Black people not only limit themselves to solely they black aspect of college but to branch out into other studies and professions that has been overrun by white people for so many years. Doing this will slowly begin to change the economic position of blacks and integrate society. Aside from changing economic positions, it is a good thing to be diverse as a people and go into a subject that might not relate to racism and hatred but a subject that knows no color.

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