Essay on A Study On Academic Resilience

Essay on A Study On Academic Resilience

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Academic resilience refers to the successful outcome achieved in school and other aspects in life despite of obstacles that may place one at risk of an academic decline or a destructive well-being. Though there are limited research conducted on academic resilience, from the review of various scholarly journals, there seems to be a common theme: resilient students have the ability to cope positively with adversities and they have the belief in one’s self-worth.
A longitudinal study conducted by Rew, Grady and Spoden shows a direct correlation between the level of competence and how the individual values his/her self-worth. Their findings revealed that the higher the level of competence in one or more domains (scholastic, athletic, behavioral conduct, physical appearance, and social acceptance), the more positive one values self-worth. Data were collected from 603 participants (55.1% female) when the children were in the fifth grade, and again in early high school, when the numbers dropped down to 377. The participants were surveyed for their scholastic and athletic competence, and the levels of behavioral conduct, physical appearance, and social acceptance. The data revealed that the adolescents that had a high sense of self-worth felt good about themselves and felt socially accepted. With the exception of the athletic competence, the other four domains shown to be significant predictors of self-worth. Therefore, having protective resources through competence, allow children to value their self-worth and adapt to their stressful situations, thus fostering resilience.
Resilience as a Defense Mechanism
Resilience refers to the coping and adapting mechanisms used to deal with adversities.
Coping is a protectiv...

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...clude guidance lessons and small group sessions. By involving the underachieving or at-risk students in school counseling program activities, they will find themselves being more productive during those unstructured times. It will also provide the students with the support system that may be lacking. Studies have shown that having a strong support system fosters academic resilience in students.
To be academically resilient is to have protective resources and the adaptive coping strategies in place. Believing in one’s self-worth and having a positive support system are major contributing factors in fostering academic resilience. School counseling activity programs should also be placed in school systems in order to provide at-risk students with the guidance and the monitoring needed for academic, personal/social, and career development.

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