A Study On A Family Nightmare Essay

A Study On A Family Nightmare Essay

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A Fathers Nightmare

Throughout the last two quarters of Health: A Biopsychosocial Inquiry we have been discussing a lot about the doctor/ patient relationship. What does it look like? How should a doctor treat his or her patient and the patient’s responsibility to their own health care? We have read about parents and what they should or shouldn’t’ do where their child is concerned. We have tackled the issue of the quality of care you receive depending on how much money you have. We have learned about diseases or health care issues and how to take care of the body better, to avoid certain diseases. What can we take from all of what we have learn to help our family and friends with their own doctor/patient relationships?
I was with a friend of mine recently, who had the scare of his life, when his fourteen year old daughter when into a diabetic coma. How had this happen? I asked him, that you didn’t know that your child was sick. What he told me still makes me very mad. He said that over the last six months prior to the girl’s emergency, he had noticed that she just didn’t seem well, she had lost weight, she was tired, and she had absolutely no energy. So he made appointments with a doctor who accepted her Apple Health Insurance. At the appointment the doctor spend less than ten minutes with her, didn’t order any test and suggested she maybe just get more sleep. Have her watch less TV, he had said to her dad. For the most part a parent takes what a doctor says at face value. They went to school, and will know what to do to help my child, when all that I have done is not working. She didn’t get any better. So he made an appointment with another doctor. Who again spend less than ten minutes with her and when her dad asked abou...

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...care of themselves anyway. I will say that while I was at their home, the young girl, was watching her blood, listening to her parents about when to eat, and when to check her blood and when to give herself her insulin. She knows how serious this is. What can we do to help parents realize that just because they are doctors, doesn’t give them the right to dismiss a concern. What would have happened if she had died? Why didn’t these doctors take the time to do a history, take blood or urine? Being an advocate for all patients is everyone’s responsibility, making sure that you get the care you need to be healthy is what everyone should strive for. If everyone is supposed to have Health care insurance, then it should not matter where it is coming from, and everyone should be seen for the same amount of time, getting the same treatment, and the same bed side manner.

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