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A Study Of The Tablet Computers Essay example

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The article “A study of the tablet computer’s application in K-12 school in China.” They explained the tablet computers access to K-12 education in China and other developing areas. Taotao Long is a doctoral student in the Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling at The University of Tennessee. She has a master degree in Instructional Technology in College of Educational Technology. Wenxin Liang is a Distance Education specialist in the Center for Distance Education. She is working on the Distance Education and Training for K-12 teachers. Shengquan Yu is a professor of Educational Technology, and Dean of the College of Educational Technology. Meanwhile, his research areas are design and sharing of Ubiquitous Learning resources, integrating Informational Technology into curriculum, educational information ecology, Educational Technology standards, knowledge media, etc.
In the article, the authors mentioned the tablet computer access to K-12 education in China and other developing areas. The authors tried to understand the new technology can support educational system and instructional strategies. With the development of computer technology, more and more new technologies enter schools. They researched three groups: students, teacher, and educational administrators, in order to understand demanding of computer’s application. Therefore, the authors proved the importance of computer’s application into the educational system in some developing areas.
First, the authors explained mobile learning has developed in China, and lot of activities show the development of educational technology. In addition, They mentioned computer technology is used in U.S. universities and schools, that helps students improve learning efficiency...

... middle of paper ...

... education in developing areas is unreliable.
The last, the future of the new technology’s existence in the educational system will not be optimistic. The authors discussed the new technology change and update fast, that could cause the negative effect to students and teachers. They still prefer to use the “old technology” in learning and teaching . I agree with their concept because China had a big problem about using technology, and I studied in China several years. In China, the understanding of the new technology is so ignorant because of the poor education, shortage of technology. In education, the teachers and students do not understand how to use the computer technology to improve their teaching and learning rapidly. In short, understanding of the new technology and application skills are more important to adjust educational system in developing countries.

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