Essay about A Study Of Personality Traits

Essay about A Study Of Personality Traits

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In the early 1980s the psychologists Goldberg and Digman started to work on their study of personality traits. It was a collection of 1710 personality characteristics arranged by Norman many years ago (Norman, 1967 as quoted in Woods and West, 2014). The conclusion of their study was the recognition and summary of five extensive elements of personality. Today, they are more commonly known under the title the Big Five or Five Factor Model (Woods and West, 2014). In accordance with this model, the most appropriate portrayal of personality characteristics is to divide them into five extensive bipolar aspects (Woods and West, 2014). First of all, extroversion represents the scope to which individual likes to socialize and is open to make new friends, in contrast to silent and modest. Secondly, agreeableness is the scope to which an individual is pleasant and trustworthy in contrast to unfavourable and cold. Third characteristic is conscientiousness, the scope to which an individual is coordinated and reliable in contrast to passionate and chaotic. Fourthly, the emotional stability is the scope to which an individual stays mild and stable in contrast to manic and tense. Last but not least, openness and intellect is the scope to which an individual is creative and confident in contrast to the intolerant and dull (Woods and West, 2014). All of these characteristics were reflected in various social environments and cultures in different languages (Huczynski and Buchanan, 2013).
The Big Five is very popular among managers and thus they are increasingly used in the job selection process. Joanna Moutafi, Adrian Furnham and John Crump examined 900 British managers from ten various companies dealing with retailing, manufacturing, consultancy...

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...t prefer a selection interview. As already discussed, there are several benefits and drawbacks and only we have to decide which of them is the most appropriate method for us. The best idea would be to combine a variety of available methods of selection so that we strengthen the value of the qualitative and quantitative sources of information about the individual applicant (Beardwell and Thompson, 2014). When making the final decision, we should be aware of the fact that each assessment is taking into consideration different values and characteristics and for this reason it is inevitable to mix them up. Every single trait of a candidate is based on different experience and has a very distinctive background. It is really important to think about the candidate by examining all the personality manners in order to make the concluding solution (Robertson and Smith, 2001).

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