A Study Of Anthropology Aids The Overall Understanding And Comprehension Of Humans

A Study Of Anthropology Aids The Overall Understanding And Comprehension Of Humans

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3) Applying Application

The study of anthropology aids the overall understanding and comprehension of humans as a species from the dawn of our existence to the modern era. The four anthropology sub fields are: cultural, archeological, biological, and linguistic. All four fields offer insight to the unique perspectives of the foundation and evolution of humans and their surroundings. However, it is the other dimension of Anthropology that is monumental in identifying real world problems and creating resolutions for the purpose of helping individuals or a community as a whole - Applied Anthropology. This under appreciated dimension of Anthropology is essential in helping solve many of today 's world problems, from education to economic development. Applied Anthropologists differ in the fact that they use knowledge from all four fields of Anthropology in order to analyze and solve human problems. They then have the ability to suggest and implement plans and policies to support their findings. An Applied Anthropologitst can be of the utmost advantage in solving issues in varying environments due to: their understanding of multiple cultures and cultural relativism, their ability to translate identified local problems to a larger scale, and being an activist for social changes that emerge from ethnographic research.

Applied Anthropologists use ethnography as a method of research to gain an understanding of societies firsthand. For instance, anthropology is relevant in education. They act as "cultural brokers" in the fact that they can relay their studies back to the overall ideology. In the educational system, applied anthropology can be used to understand the interaction between teachers and students and their backgrounds, behavio...

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...is socially interpreted, treated, and managed in different society 's. To conclude, there is a multitude of ways Applied Anthropologists continually make vital contributions to medical and urban developments.

The implementation of their observations and interactive research for the betterment of the global community is what makes an applied anthropologist a unique threat to political, and socioeconomic problems. They are dedicated to helping local people to achieve a community-directed change by using intellectual theories, unique concepts, and ethnographic methods to help solve global issues. Applied Anthropology is imperative in attaining an accurate comprehension of the worlds complex global problems and the perspective of the humans within them. An Applied Anthropologist is a multifaceted tool that would be an advantage in an array of different environments.

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