A Study Circle Leader Session On Exploitation Of The Environment By Multinational Corporations ( Mncs )

A Study Circle Leader Session On Exploitation Of The Environment By Multinational Corporations ( Mncs )

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My Study Circle Leader Session on exploitation of the environment by Multinational Corporations (MNCs) was very successful. During my Study Circle Leader Session, I provided my group with an overview of the topic, which evoked a lot of emotion as many of my peers considered the topic a scary thought to consider. Some thought it was a very interesting topic, especially in regards to there being nothing holding companies accountable for their environmental abuses.
Next, the group discussed the outside resource on Shell, a multinational oil company, which unfairly took advantage of the Nigerian environment. Some of the students were in utter shock that Shell was just able to decommission from Nigeria. Company. Some students were confused on how Nigeria could be just fine with Shell just withdrawing. Another student retorted that Nigeria might not care because they have another oil corporation taking over their spot, thus causing a vicious environmental damage circle. There was a consensus among the students that they are not really surprised as history as shown the Africa and many other developing countries have been exploited for ages. One student believed that the environmental damage by MNCs always target smaller population rather than the larger population in cities as the small populations have less of voice to speak up to their government.
Although the overview and resource raised a ton of discussion as discussed earlier, we moved into discussion questions. These questions were many of the students’ favourite components. The first discussion question was whether or not there was a race to bottom for developing countries to lower their environmental standards in order to attract MNCs. Students consensually believe there is...

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... who are then directly impacted.
Another component I had in my session was a word search. This word search consisted of names of MNCs that have been environmentally irresponsible. The word search was very popular as it allowed students to interactively learn about corporations that they consume regularly that exploit the environment. The word search also allowed students to be competitive and attempt to defeat one another to finish the word search.
Overall the actual session went very well and students left with a lot of perspective about the unfortunate truth of some of the items they consume daily. From this session I learned that the interactive components of my presentation thoroughly engaged students to give their stance. Additionally, word searches can be an enjoying tool that gives students a different method of explanation rather than vocally explaining.

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