A Study By King Retail Solutions Essay

A Study By King Retail Solutions Essay

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A study by King Retail Solutions found that “78% of consumers consider the option to shop online for in-store pickup appealing, and more than half in this group had bought this way in the past year.”

Failing to implement buy online, pickup in-store (BOPIS) programs places your brand at a competitive disadvantage. You will disappoint your customers who find satisfaction in picking up their online orders.

Similar to top brands, your store is competing with ecommerce leader Amazon, “estimated to be in more than 63 million U.S. households and getting orders to consumer doorsteps for free in two days, and often quicker than that.”

To be a viable contender in the marketplace, create a BOPIS experience that not only satisfies your customers but also drives more sales to your business.
In-Store Pickup Is the New Normal for Brands
According to Kevin Leifer, client insights director at StellaService, BOPIS is the gateway to omnichannel success. He believes there should be no separation between retail and ecommerce.

With a streamlined point of sale (POS) system, consumers desire the flexibility to research products online with the option to buy them in-store. This shopping experience challenges brands to integrate their checkout processes to deliver on their omnichannel promise.

Most companies consider BOPIS as a method to boost online sales. However, ecommerce managers will be surprised that’s not always the case.

Researchers from Northwestern University and Dartmouth College teamed up with a major retailer with more than 80 brick-and-mortar stores in the United States and Canada. They observed how BOPIS changed their shoppers’ purchasing habits both online and in-store.

After examining the data, the researchers that onlin...

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...e big box retailer is adding new service counters to separates the two types of customers.
The counters also will have more space behind them to store pickup orders.


The in-store pickup line will have dedicated staff who will wear a different shirt than other employees. And online orders will be delivered in special red plastic bags that say "here 's a little pick-me-up.”

In-Store Pickup, The Next Competitive Advantage
Buy online, pickup in-store programs are popping up as retailers fight to maintain their customer base.

But it’s not enough to just offer the service, brands must streamline the process and offer a top-notch shopping experience.

Work with your team to manage inventory accuracy and communication, you’ll delight your customers and encourage them to spend more money with your store, online and off.

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