A Student 's Self Confidence Essay

A Student 's Self Confidence Essay

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It is a reality that a student’s self confidence is a product of their dreams of what they want to become and their real identity. Students’ personalities differ, and their levels of self-confidence differ as well. It is not uncommon for poverty stricken students to view themselves as failing due to a lack of self-confidence.
Poor students are more dependent on the influence of people who they deem a person they aspire to be. Survival in the classroom is not as simple as it appears to be even for normal students. The challenge is greater for the student who do not have enough self-confidence. A school is capable of creating an environment that frustrates instead of encourages in the child with low self-esteem.
Rejection, isolation, loneliness an emotional stress are factors that may contribute to homicide and erratic behavior. Low self-esteem brings these negative reactions to the surfa.ce. With the exposure to so many negative factors, even the seemingly invincible egos of the disadvantaged child is threatened. P10 shared that,
“I have certain students that seem to have little or no self-confidence. They do not participate much in class discussions or seem to have much to do with any of the other students. I try to make a point to try to talk to them so that I can learn a little bit more about there life. I have found that if I can connect with them in some little way, I can try to make a difference in their life.” Even if it is a small difference, it is a positive difference.”
P6 stated that,
“Sure I have students that lack self-confidence. And, because of their circumstances, they don’t always feel confortable around others in certain situations. I just try to encourage these students and try to bring them out of ...

... middle of paper ...

...ly her fault,
“I probably could try to involve parents more to bring a closeness between my students, their parents, and also, I could attend more social and community activities, where I might bump into my students and their parents. I have found that when a student knows that you know their parents, they tend to have a better relationship with that teacher. That association of knowing their parents seems to bring my students and I closer together. I could talk with their teachers and find out what the child has been doing in school. They could encourage their children to study and do their homework.”
While P8 felt all that has to be done to solve this problem is to,
“Just make sure that parents are teaching their children to be culturally responsible and respectful without prejudices. Parents need to stress the integrity that they value within teachers.”

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