Essay about A Student 's Ability Should Not Be Based On A Single Test Score

Essay about A Student 's Ability Should Not Be Based On A Single Test Score

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A student’s ability should not be based on a single test score, but rather on the student’s growth through the year. Some of the wisest and most influential minds in history understood the importance of this belief. William Butler Yeats once said “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” Creating a system that focuses on student’s scores is not only harmful to the children in America but to the Country as a whole.
In an effort to remain competitive with other Countries around the World, the United Sates has significantly increased the number of tests that students are required to take. Schools districts in turn have increased the amount of time children are forced to sit and learn core subjects like math and literacy skills, and decreased subjects like art, music, history and physical education. America has turned its education system into a pawn in an International race to the top. However, even with the increase in core instruction, the United States continues to fall behind in education compared to other Countries. The United States had an overall education rank of 36th place in 2012 according to the Programme for International Student Assessment, PISA. When broken down into individual subjects, the U.S. ranks 28th in Math, 20st in Science and 17th in Reading. In fact the findings from the 2012 PISA test shows that the United States actually performed worse, by a small margin, than the previous test in 2009. (Kelly, Xie and Winquist Nord)
The problem is not necessarily with testing itself. Standardized tests in fact are necessary to any education system. These tests are used as valuable resources for improving the quality of education and for holding school systems accountable for the education they...

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... high tech and fast paced and the United States economy will greatly dependent on future innovation. Innovation will require thinking on many different levels and the ability to think outside the box. As it stands today, children are only being taught exactly what is in the box. When a child is unable to sit still during the school day they are quickly labeled as troubled or having ADHD. Imagine what the World would be like had Mozart been told to quiet down, Monet been told to stop doodling, or Einstein been told that there was only one right answer to a question. Imagine what they would have become had it been suggested they just take a pill and learn to focus on the lesson at hand. It is time the American education system stop crushing its children’s dreams and talents and start embracing them. Children are more than a test score and their minds are immeasurable.

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