A Student Of The Music Elective Program Essay

A Student Of The Music Elective Program Essay

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1. I identify myself primarily as a Singaporean despite being born in China and receiving education until primary four. Attracted by the prospect of studying abroad and a better life, my mother brought me to Singapore. Having no mastery of the English language, I began from primary four again as I needed a year to fully adapt to an English-medium education. After finishing primary school in Singapore, I was admitted into Raffles Institution, which I then studied from 2006 to 2011, culminating in the A level exam. During my time in the six-year Raffles Program, I was involved in two research projects that garnered accolades, on top of rigorous academic requirements spanning the sciences and the humanities. I was also a student - musician. As a student of the music elective program, I undertook academic explorations in music and performed regularly. The A levels are rigorous university entrance exams requiring high competence in applying content knowledge in both the sciences and the humanities.
I was enlisted into the Singapore Armed Forces in 2012 to fulfill national service requirements. I am currently enrolled as a first-year full-time student in Wesleyan University, having been accepted into the College of Social Studies, a reading and writing-intensive, multidisciplinary major lasting from sophomore to senior year, focusing on History, Government, Political and Social Theory, and Economics. I intend to major in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE). I maintain an academic interest in modes of development and applicability of existing theories in contemporary context given the relative success of western thinking and ideology in modern industrial societies. Initial analysis of these issues would hopefully be realized by eva...

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...ly in few fields. Since the resulting imbalance places Singapore on a cliff edge, I hope to contribute to the diversity of Singapore while building a truly knowledge-seeking community through technology and culture. In a culture where the strong minds do not fear adventure and risk, Singapore could eventually become the global hub of technology and intellectual activity, aided by global connections that Penn possesses.
Penn’s convenient geographic location enables better engagement with established alumni in fields including but not limited to academia, consulting and technology. During my military service in the Singapore Armed Forces, I gained deep insights towards life in general. In my opinion, the LPS program is a good platform for me to engage individuals from all walks of life with similar overage backgrounds while exchanging diverse perspectives and opinions.

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