Essay on A Student Coordinator With Into The Streets

Essay on A Student Coordinator With Into The Streets

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1. What do you hope to accomplish for yourself and others through your involvement as a Student Coordinator with Into the Streets?
As a Student Coordinator with Into the Streets I will have a better understanding of the professional and administrative side of service work. I think that it will also be a good opportunity in which I can develop better leadership and communication skills which will help prepare me for my future career, whatever it may be. Something I would hope to accomplish for others is to encourage others to get involved with community service work. If a student thinks they want to get involved, I want them encourage them too. I have had amazing experiences with my involvement in community service and I would like others to share the same type of experience that I have had as well. My ultimate goal as a Student Coordinator would be to let someone else have a life changing experience through service which will help create “a more just and compassionate world” that Stonehill strives for.

2. What skills and attributes do you bring to the position that will help you pursue these goals?
I will be able to pursue my goals through self motivation along with motivation from the fellow Into the Streets Student Coordinators. I will achieve my goal of having a better understanding of professional and administrative part of service work by being reliable and attending necessary meetings and displaying my professionalism by maintaining good relationships with the people who are part Into the Streets program along with the people and service group I work with as well. I will pursue my goal of getting others involved with my communication skills, outgoing personality and by sharing my own personal story with the intentions ...

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... activities do you plan to be involved in during the 2016-2017 academic year? Given all your commitments, how will you make being a student coordinator a priority?
In the 2016-2017 academic year I plan on continuing my involvement with Lux Et Spes and hopefully becoming a tour guide. I will also continue with my service with Best Buddies at the HOPE House. Since the Lux Et Spes and Best Buddies schedules are pretty flexible, it will not be difficult making my responsibilities of being a student coordinator a priority. I am a very organized and routine person, and usually by the end of the first month of the semester I have a solid schedule figured out. If the student coordinator position does not have a flexible schedule, then it wouldn’t be a problem to plan the more specifics of my weeks/months out around my student coordinator schedule and my academic schedule.

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