Essay on A Student At The Welton Academy

Essay on A Student At The Welton Academy

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“Carpe diem, seize the day (Dead Poets Society, 1989).” This very famous line speak volumes to many in Dead Poets Society but it speak to one main character in particular, Todd Anderson, a student at the Welton Academy. Anderson is attending his first year at Weden and is being hounded by his parents about being just like his older brother. Todd is extremely shy and when faced with an assignments that involve speaking in front of the class he is terrified. That is until he meets a new teacher, Mr. John Keating, that teaches him the meaning of the phrase “carpe diem.” Todd Anderson’s character develops throughout the movie from being a shy legacy, to a boy who finds his voice, and finally to man who understands loss and can stand up for it.
Dead Poets Society is a coming of age movie, about a group of boys who attend a prestigious boarding school, Welton, and get a new English teacher named John Keating who would go and change the way they saw look at life. The movie starts out with the opening ceremony of the school and introducing Mr. Keating and Mr. Todd Anderson by name. After the ceremony the scene goes to the dorms where Todd meets his roommate, Neil Perry and his friends: Knox Overstreet, Charlie Dalton, Richard Cameron, and Steven Meeks. The next scene, is first day of school. The boys go through the day collecting mounds of homework, and then they enter Mr. Keating’s class. Mr. Keating walks into class and then walks out telling everyone to follow him and he explains “carpe diem” to the class. The year goes on and the boys re-establish the Dead Poets Society, a group that was dedicated to “Sucking to marrow out of life,” in an old Indian cave outside the school and have meetings there every Friday. The boys soon grow into...

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... what happened then right before Keating leaves, Todd stands up on his desk and says “Oh Captain, My Captain.” (Dead Poets Society, 1989) these words and his action helps the rest of the boy in the Dead Poets and others who Keating has changed to stand in reverence of him.
Todd, a boy who though his words were worthless, became a man willing to stand for the man who taught him other wise. The Dead Poets Society has touched many lives because of the stories it tells. Not just the story of Todd Anderson the poet, but the story of Neil Perry the actor, Knox Overstreet the lover, and Charlie “Nuwanda” Dalton the rebel. Mr. Keating created all of these things in these boys and has created all these things in the people who watch it. Todd Anderson 's character lives and develops throughout the movie so beautifully and everyone can relate to him at one point or another.

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