A Student At Kadena Ab, Okinawa, Japan Essay

A Student At Kadena Ab, Okinawa, Japan Essay

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1. What attracted you to become a student at UMUC? While I was stationed at Kadena AB, Okinawa, Japan, UMUC was the only undergraduate college with face to face classes. I continued with UMUC online only because of previous credits with the university.
2. What attracted you to the ENGL major? A class I took at Northwest Florida State College with Dr. Deidre Price. I was fascinated with the analytical aspect of literary criticism and discourse, which Dr. Price nurtured leading me on my present pursuit.
3. Do you think that your ENGL degree will contribute to your acquisition of a job in your area of professional interest? Considering I want to eventually teach English and Literature courses at a college or university, yes, I do think it will contribute to that cause.
4. Do you think that your ENGL degree will contribute to promotion/advancement in your area of professional interest? Yes, as the bachlor degree is an obligatory step in the process of earning your doctorate.
5. Do you think that your ENGL degree will improve your job skills and capabilities in your area of professional interest? Yes, but not directly. By the time I reach the point of employment I am sure I will have moved beyond the effects of my UMUC degree. However, the degree process has helped me develop some best practices when it comes to studying and written communication.
6. Has your ENGL education contributed positively to your current professional situation? Yes, as a professional student the format of English online education which relies on written communication has helped me further develop my professional writing skills when using electronic mediums.
7. If you had the option to go back in time, would you still choose an ENGL degre...

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...tish Women Writers Since 1900 with Dr. Lisa Bernstein. Although the subject was interesting Dr. Bernstein was horrendous, one of those I mentioned earlier who was consistently behind in grading and discussion participation, at one point she was three weeks behind in grading and participation responses. Another would be ENGL 364 African American Authors form 1900 to Present with Dr. Audra Spicer. This class again suffers from a lack of instructor participation currently grading is five weeks behind, in fact the only grade we’ve received was the acknowledgement that our Plagiarism Certification was reviewed. I don’t know if I can aptly express how much contempt I hold for instructors who teach this way. I can understand if one is busy, but if you do not have the time to grade assignments within an acceptable time frame then you shouldn’t be teaching the course.

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