A Strong Link Between Drug Abuse And Crime Essays

A Strong Link Between Drug Abuse And Crime Essays

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Justin Murphy
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There is a strong link between drug abuse and crime. Many individuals who end up in prison system suffer from either drug addiction or alcohol dependence. In the United States, there are approximately 7 million people under the supervision of an adult correctional institution, over 1.5 million incarcerated in federal and state prisons and almost 800,000 in jails (DOJ 2012) (BJS 2014) (CASA). Almost 85% of those incarcerated are substance involved (CASA). 34% of federal prisoners and 51% of all state prisoners were under the influence of drugs or alcohol during the commission of a crime (DOJ 1997). 50 percent of all federal prisoners and 16% of state prisoners were convicted of a drug offense (BJS 2014).
These individuals require drug and alcohol treatment during their incarceration period to ensure that drugs or alcohol will not cause them to recidivate.
Almost 85% of those incarcerated in federal, state and local prisons in the United States are defined as substance involved. The definition of substance involved is broad, and includes individuals that have a history of regular drug abuse, meet medical criteria for a substance use disorder, were using drugs or alcohol during the commission of a crime, had a history of alcohol treatment, are incarcerated for a drug law or alcohol law violation, or committed an offense to get money to buy drugs (CASA).
The prisons drug abuse treatment programs have significantly grown and changed the lives of many addicts in the prison system over the years. These programs are primarily intended to reduce relapse, reduce criminality, and improve their mental and health symptoms and conditions. Both the state and federal penitentiaries provide different le...

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...ndividuals are at the 3 month mark leading up to their release. During Phase 4 is probably the most important out of the 5. Individuals focus on developing their skills so they can seek job opportunities when they get out and be successful in them. They participate in mock interviews, they are shown how to make a resume, and they are even taught how to dress during an interview. The last and final phase works with individuals who eventually make their reentry into society where they live the everyday normal life. They continue to live in the therapeutic facility serving as role models for those in the beginning stages of the program but are granted the opportunity to work in the community as part of the work release program until their sentence is completely done.

Alcoholics anonymous is available to prisoners with alcohol abuse problems.

Narcotics anonymous

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