A Streetcar Named Desire By William Shakespeare Essay

A Streetcar Named Desire By William Shakespeare Essay

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The past will always have an effect on the present. This is especially shown within literature where previous events will change a character’s actions, attitudes, and values. In A Streetcar Named Desire, every character has a past that dictates their present and future. The character Blanche is primarily shown to further prove this point. Her past entire affects her present and future whether it be for the positive or negative.
Blanche is seen as insane throughout the play due to her haunting past. She frequently speaks of her young husband, never specifying a name or age, let alone why he is no longer in the picture. Hearing of her husband causes a realization that she lusts after young men due to her husband being gone. Blanche comes to New Orleans to stay with her sister Stella and brother-in-law Stanley while on a leave of absence from her position as an English teacher in her hometown. Over time it is realized that Blanche was pushed to take said leave of absence because of her issues with lusting after young men. She had slept with a student of hers, thus why she left. Also, Blanche at one point kisses the paperboy for no real reason other than her bizarre attractraction to such young men. Important to realize, is that it is later learned that Blanche and her husband married when they were just teenagers and her husband was actually a homosexual who married a woman because his sexuality was a huge taboo in this time period. After nights in bed sobbing under the assumption that Blanche was asleep, her husband is pushed to the point of suicide when Blanche calls him weak simply for being gay. These events from well over a decade ago haunt Blanche continually, even causing her to explicitly say that she had killed her husban...

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...out her past husband she also begins to behave entirely different and speak in a new tone. She speaks slowly and mumbles while staring out to nothingness and assumes the victim role yet again. Had Blanche’s husband not killed himself, Blanche would more than likely seem like a normal person with normal behaviors. However, she is erratic, a compulsive liar, and a coward because of the insane amount of guilt she faces. If it was not for her husband’s death, the entire premise for the play would be lost.
In final thought, it is evident in A Streetcar Named Desire that the past, more than effects, but dictates the entire present and future of individuals and communities. Blanche’s character in no way, shape, or form could ever deny this fact. Whether the outcome is positive or negative, the past will always dominate any actions or behaviors of the present and future.

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