Essay on A Streetcar Named Desire By Stanley Kowalski

Essay on A Streetcar Named Desire By Stanley Kowalski

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A Streetcar Named Desire
During early times men were regarded as superior to women. In Tennessee William’s play, “A Streetcar Named Desire”, Stanley Kowalski, the work’s imposing antagonist, thrives on power. He embodies the traits found in a world of old fashioned ideals where men were meant to be dominant figures. This is evident in Stanley’s relationship with Stella, his behavior towards Blanche, and his attitude towards women in general. He enjoys judging women and playing with their feelings as well.
Stanley Kowalski is the epitome of the traditional man, he portrays his superior nature in various scenes in the Tennessee William’s play A Streetcar Named Desire. In scene two of the play, Stanley displays his demanding nature while Stella and Stanley were talking about Blanche. Stanley claimed that he wanted to talk to Blanche about the loss of Belle Reve and the Napoleonic code. But Stella had asked Stanley to come out with her while Blanche is getting dressed to avoid any type of issues between Blanche and Stanley. At that, Stanley questioned Stella asking “Since when do you give me orders?”(Williams35). This statement clearly shows the masculine mindset of Stanley, he believes that only men can make orders in the house and women have to obey them strictly. He assumes that women have no right to make decisions because they are expected to be on a lower level than men. This scene also shows that Stella never ordered him to do anything and that she had always been loyal to Stanley and was required never to question his intentions. It tells the reader that Stella never disobeyed him either. He also shows his profane character with Stella during the poker party when he slaps Stella’s thigh loudly in front of his fri...

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...incidents similar to that have happened before. Then he gets completely drunk and loses his mind hearing Blanche playing the music, and throws the radio out breaking the window. Furthermore he also physically abuses Stella in front of everyone in a disrespectful manner, which portrays his impolite nature.
Then he ends up raping blanche and hurting her mentally and physically. After that he manipulates Stella to send Blanche to the mental Asylum. Any time Stanley 's does something against Stella she always forgives him and ends up sticking with him no matter what. Stanley is very good at catching female attention , so he uses his physical appearance to attract women into his trap. All these things depict why Stanley is the true and only villain of the play because he did crude things to other people and he got his was every single time without getting caught.

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