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In life you meet various people from all walks of life. In Tennesse Williams play A Streetcar Name Desire, we peep into the characters lives as they have different types of relationships through- out the play. As we notice the characteristics of Man, Women, Society, Alchoholism, Violence, and Sexuality. The contrast amongst today population and things that happened so many years ago can be examined with depth and certainty.

To begin with, Blanche Dubois is one of the fascinating characters of the play. One speculation for this is she has a smart way of constructing her so called perfect life seem like an illusion, and making an illusion seem like a perfect life. In scene (1) Blanche is bear comparison to an animal: “There is something about her uncertain manner, as well as her white clothes, that suggests a moth” (pg.15) Butterflies and moths begins life usually as a caterpillar and, later on turn into something appealing. Blanche pursuit to change, herself as well as , bounce back as a fascinating individual from her cocoon of deceitfulness. The difference between a moth and a butterfly is their way of life. Specifically butterflies are rapid in the day time and moths are active in the night time. The moth likes the dark particularly for feeding. Blanche destiny, to live in gloom symbolizes her ignorance. Blanche is entrap between the past and the present. This started, for the most part, when her husband a perverted young man, carry out a horrible death in the result of a suicide. Blanche mocked him with shame of his homosexual act. Remembering, blanche knows deep down in her heart that Allan was the only man she ever loved so dearly, above all blanche is estranged and frightened. Scene (6)
Blanche husband death was just t...

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...omething sub-human –something not quite the stage of humanity yet! Yes something ape-like about him, like one of those pictures”. Scene (4) …Stanley is measured up to an ape, when you think of an ape you see they are quarrelsome. Stanley is connected to the ape , as apes lives in the jungle, for that is their habitat. Therefore Stanley’s habitat is the Elysian Fields …which can be looked upon as jungle.
In conclusion, what goes on in the dark must come to light an old tale would say. Light is the opposite of darkness and the opposite of one being ignorant. Stanley thinks of himself to be in the mix and tries to build up his knowledge, particularly when it comes to blanche past. Blanche and Stanley differences in attitudes towards their different worlds creates a jungle in which only they are comfortable on knowing how to get out of their complicated life.

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