A Story Teller’s Strategies Essay

A Story Teller’s Strategies Essay

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A Story Teller’s Strategies
“The Goose Girl” and “Godfather death” are both fairly tales collected by William and Jacob Grimm also known as the Grimm Brothers. In these two stories it is safe for one to say that these brothers modified the stories to fit a universal timeline. There is nothing in the stories that indicate a specific period of time. These brothers have approached the two stories with different strategies using specifically distinct characters, in other to influence a wider audience as to how different the world can be and how we individuals make a great impact to shaping the world as a whole.
To explain, “the Goose girl” tell us about a Young beautiful princess who was, passive, meek and trustworthy. These elements are portrayed in many places in the story “But the king’s daughter was humble. She said nothing and mounted her horse again (Grimm).”As is, a person can conclude that this story targets the young and makes them believe that when one is pure good, humble and obedient, the reward would always be in a positive regard. An adult knows that this is not always the case rather it can make a person more vulnerable to external threats and influences from others which they may even be superior over.
On the other hand, the chambermaid in the “Goose Girl” sends a message to the world as to why a person should not be the opposite of passive, meek and humble. Although, the story tellers do not declare either way, it is safe to assume that the chambermaid was loyal to the queen and the princess in her kingdom. Later on in the outside world she starts to show where she would prefer to be in life. She obviously never liked being a chambermaid but could not oppose the Queen in the Palace. From the story, a person can ...

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...characters in respect to how a person lives his or her everyday life. The princess in “the Goose Girl” utilizes the strategy of being good and gaining reward while the chamber maid is meant to show why a person should not be bad or have evil thoughts at all. At the same time, “the Godfather Death” tell people that nothing good comes easy and that person should not allow greed to have an overcoming influence toward him or her.

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