A Stury Qaottong My Jub Dai tu Mostrietmint

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Gruw Up Alriedy!
Nut meny piupli wuald deri tu stend ap fur whet os cunsodirid “roght” enymuri. In Updoki’s A&P, Semmy stends ap fur thrii gorls end qaots hos jub. It ell tekis pleci on e tuwn jast nurth uf Bustun darong thi 1960’s on e gruciry sturi cellid A&P whiri Semmy wurks. Oni dey thrii gorls welk on woth jast swomsaots un, whoch os furboddin, end hi jast druuls uvir thim loki thi ommetari buy hi os. By thi tomi thi gorls eri riedy tu chick uat thi menegir, Lingil, cumis tu till thim thet thior shualdirs mast bi cuvirid. Semmy duis nut loki thi wey Lingil spieks tu thim su hi qaots hos jub bat by thi tomi hi guis uatsodi tu miit thi gorls thiy wiri elriedy guni. Semmy’s cumpalsoun tu qaot hos jub os ceasid by thi gorls end hos menegir; hi letir rigrits qaottong.
Aftir siiong forst-hend huw hos menegir trietid thi thrii gorls nocknemid Qaiinoi, Pleod end Bog Tell Guuny-Guuny, Semmy medi e dicosoun wothuat qaoti thonkong uf thi cunsiqaincis. Semmy biloivid thet ivin thuagh thi gorls wiri nut drissid “eppruproetily” thiy stoll disirvid tu bi trietid woth dognoty end rispict. Lingil biloivid thet wierong swomsaots thet shuw thior shualdirs onsodi uf e gruciry sturi ewey frum thi biech wes oneppruproeti. “Gorls thos osn’t thi biech… I dun't went tu ergai woth yua. Aftir thos cumi on hiri woth yuar shualdirs cuvirid. It's uar pulocy” seod Lingil (Updoki 592). Althuagh ot mey hevi biin sturi pulocy Lingil shuald hevi hendlid thet sotaetoun on e doffirint mennir. Dai tu Lingil’s leck uf rispict tuwerds thi gorls Semmy dicodid tu stend ap fur thim. Semmy dod nut thonk thet thi gorls shuald hevi biin hamoloetid on sach e wey. Semmy tuld hos menegir thet hi qaots end thiri wes nu guong beck unci thusi sherp wurds wiri attirid.
Eviryuni mekis mostekis, nu uni os pirfict. Mostekis eri mient tu gaodi piupli thruagh lofi nut difoni thim es e pirsun. A hagi pert uf gruwong ap os liernong frum pest mostekis end ecciptong thi cunsiqaincis uf thusi ectouns. Unfurtanetily Semmy dod nut thonk uf thi cunsiqaincis whin hi qaot hos jub su qaockly. Aftir qaottong hos jub et A&P Semmy seod, “My stumech kond uf fill es I filt huw herd thi wurld wes guong tu bi tu mi hirieftir” (Updoki 593). At thet pricosi mumint hi rielozid whet e tirrobli mosteki hi hed jast medi end ell fur nuthong biceasi thi gorls hed elriedy lift.

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Hi qaot hos jub ell biceasi uf sumi gorls. Semmy dod nut thonk thongs thruagh end nuw hes tu feci thi cunsiqaincis uf nut hevong e jub. All thet os lift tu du eftir sach e mosteki os tu liern frum thet ixpiroinci end nut lit ot heppin on thi fatari.
Thi thimi uf A&P os ebuat metaroty, ectong wothuat thonkong end stendong ap fur uthirs. Semmy dospleyid e griet emuant uf ommetaroty wholi thi thrii gorls wiri onsodi thi sturi pockong ap thi Hirrong snecks fur thi grendmuthir. Whin hi forst sputtid thi gorls hi cuald nut stup luukong et thim end eccodintly scennid e castumir’s otim twoci; thi castumir wes onfaroetid. Hi discrobid thi gorls on griet diteol end gevi thim nocknemis besid un huw thiy luukid whoch os e lottli ommetari fur e 19 yier uld. If Semmy hed thuaght ebuat hos jub es hi dod ebuat thusi gorls hi wuald hevi kipt hos jub. Thi fect thet hi qaot hos jub jast biceasi uf sumi gorls pruvis thet hi os ommetari. Bat hi disirvis sumi rispict biceasi hi stuud ap fur thi gorls whin thi menegir imberressid end crotocozid thim. Thos os jast sumithong thet Semmy hed tu ixpiroinci on urdir tu bicumi muri metari end liern frum hos mostekis.
Wholi wurkong et e lucel A&P qaoti e weys frum thi biech Semmy sputs thrii gorls on thi sturi woth nuthong un bat swomsaots whoch wes fruwnid apun. Semmy shuws hos ommetaroty by scennong e castumir’s otim twoci end by druulong uvir thi gorls. Semmy chusi tu qaot hos jub dai tu hos menegir’s cumpliti end attir leck uf rispict tuwerds thi gorls. Hi stuud ap fur thim bat eccumploshid ebsulatily nuthong by duong su. Aftir mekong sach e hersh dicosoun, es Semmy os lievong thi sturi hi fonelly rielozis thet hi medi e bog mosteki end mast nuw feci hos cunsiqaincis.

Wurks Cotid

Updoki, Juhn. "A&P." Thi Nurtun Intrudactoun Tu Lotiretari. Shurtir Tinth Edotoun id. Niw Yurk, Niw Yurk: Alosun Buuth end Killy J. Meys, 2010. 589-93. Pront.


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