A Story Of The Same Name By John Grishmams Essay

A Story Of The Same Name By John Grishmams Essay

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“A Time to kill” is movie based on the novel of the same name by John Grishmams. It is set in a rural small town Canton, Mississippi in the 1980s. During this time in Mississippi delta area racism was deep seated. The storyline begins when a 10 year old girl is violently rape and viciously brutalized by two white “rednecks” men; they dump her in a nearby river after failed attempts to hang her. She survives and the men are arrested, however her father main character (Carl) is worried that the men may be acquitted due to a similar case further south in which four white teenagers were acquitted of a rape of a black girl. He struggles with the possibility that the rapists will walk free in this case, so he is determined to get justice and puts the situation in his own hands. He then goes to the courthouse and opens fire killing both rapists and injuring a deputy, he is arrested without resistance. A local white liberal lawyer (Jake) agrees to defend him, while he intends to a plea of guilty. The rape and subsequent revenge killing gain national media attention, and stirred death threats, and the organization of the KKK and black protestors at the courthouse. While Jake struggles to get justice for Carl, he persuades the courthouse that the actions of the rape if this 10 year old black girl would not have been called to question before the court of law if the victim had been white. “Had it been so, it is implied that the father’s motive in murdering the rapists would have been seen by the public as justified, and there would not have been any prosecution.” The argument the lawyer makes is that if the jury can spare the life of a white man for vengeful murder then why they must be able to do the same for a black man (iMdB, 1996).
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...mans a black/white syndrome and denial rationalization, because the negative meaning of the word nigger and saying by the lawyer representing not one of his own is a response to injustice toward a minority. In society today, when we look at racial prejudices as certain individuals being the target. Society tries to sugarcoat it, but in reality it’s in our own backyards if we want to believe it or not.
Overall, the movie was a great film it touched on many topics that we face today in our society, such as injustice in the court systems, racism and the big divide in the south, rape and inequality. It also showed how two races can become integrated if they get to understand each other. It also gave images of strong moral values of the father figure, and how the divide in the south can be bridged. I would recommend this movie to anyone who believes in justice.

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