Essay about A Story About A Drunk Family Member At A Party Or Family Reunion

Essay about A Story About A Drunk Family Member At A Party Or Family Reunion

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We all, probably, have a story involving a drunk family member at a party or family reunion. Let’s just say my family has plenty. My uncle on my dad’s side of the family loves his tequila and brings his own bottle(s) to any family gathering. The particular family gathering you are about to hear about happened when I was about five years old. I can remember bits and pieces of the event in question but, the main part of the story happened past my bedtime.
It was spring and, it was my stepmom’s birthday. Everyone on my dad’s side of the family loves to drink, and all their friends love to drink. Because my father was in charge of me he didn’t drink. The party starts pretty casually and light-hearted. My stepmom didn’t want anyone to get blackout drunk, but I’m pretty sure my uncle lives to defy her. My stepmom and he get along as well as ice cream and gravy. She was able to keep an eye on him for an hour until we all started eating. All of a sudden while eating they hear chants coming from the living room. “Shots! Shots! Shots! Shots!” which consisted of mainly male voices. My stepmom looked as if she was ready to bang her head on the table. She already knew the culprit for the round of shots. Cut to two hours later and the majority of the adults had moved outside. One of my limited memories of the event is my uncle stumbling out the door mumbling about “climbing that goddamn tree.” My dad’s front yard has this huge tree outside and a big picnic table. The alcohol had been carried outside and rounds of shots continue. My stepmom 's now just as drunk as my uncle. Even now most of my family’s parties go this way. Another memory I have is sitting under the porch light playing with various toys while watching the adults acting silly. ...

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... tales of drunk or high friends with lessons of the dangers of such activities. I think that he was trying to do for me what his parents never did for him. I never even met my grandparents from his side of the family. All I know is they never really cared about what he did.
To this day, I thank my father for looking out for me even when he was in dark times. As a child, I was too naïve to catch onto the tense glances between him and my mother. Too young to have stayed up late enough to hear the arguments between him and my step mother. He could have easily lost his visiting rights by neglecting me. I was spoiled at my mom’s and, I would have thrown an all-out fit had my expectations not been met while with him. Addiction is a hard battle to handle in itself much less with four kids in the house. Yet he handled it and he was teaching me life lessons while doing it.

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