A Stereotype Is An Notion Of A Person Or Group Of People Based On A Perception

A Stereotype Is An Notion Of A Person Or Group Of People Based On A Perception

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A stereotype is an oversimplified idea or an image of a person or group of people based on a perception. Many times when we believe someone is one way because of their race, where they come from or in this case based off of their name. My junior year of high school, I had a friend named Tyrone Kienan Power, or as we called him T.K. For some reason that escapes my mind, TK couldn’t make it the first week to classes so he emailed our teacher, Luke Benedum, to state that he was going to miss class and anything that he had missed on the first week of school, he 'd go in the following week and make it up. The following week when TK shows up to introduce himself to our teacher, and to Mr. Benedum’s surprise, TK was nothing like he expected. The following day, he told us this story because it surprised him how much he had already concluded of Tyrone based off of his name. Tyrone is a Caucasian male from Serbia, and is pale as a ghost. Mr. Benedum explained that he had thought TK was an African-American male because of past experiences where African-Americans typically have unique names, su...

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