Essay about A Step Into Iraq : The Country Of Iraq

Essay about A Step Into Iraq : The Country Of Iraq

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A Step into Iraq
The country of Iraq is located between six countries in the Middle East. It is north of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and south of Turkey. Because of its geographical location, it has been through many conflicts throughout its history that date back to biblical times, formerly known as Mesopotamia. Other countries along its borders to the east and west are Syria, Jordan and Iran. One of the main terrain features of Iraq consists of extensive plains that cover the Central and southeastern parts of the country as well as an enormous dessert that covers the west and southeast region spreading across to the west of Kuwait. Both the Tigris and Euphrates rivers flow through the country in the plains naturally providing irrigation for farmers to water crops. Although farmers can use both rivers to irrigate crops, the river can over flow causing devastating floods because of poor drainage during the winter months from the snow to the north of the country. Part of the problem for poor drainage is because Iraq is a hundred feet below elevation. The minor terrain features include plateaus in between the two Mesopotamia Rivers, to include, hills, and mountains, which are to the northeast of Iraq. The country has two climatic regions. The plains and desserts are hot and need a lot of water to irrigate crops for food, while the north region is cool because there are more mountains and hills. The two main seasons in Iraq are summer and winter with short changes like rain and dry seasons in-between. Iraq has many resources to sustain itself, but out of all of them, Petroleum is its most valuable resource. Iraq was the second exporting state for oil before the Iraq-Iran war. The top crops that people grow are wheat, rice, and barle...

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...ane and crashing into the Two Towers and Pentagon. Like previous conflicts, Oil was a contributing factor and many people believe is the reason why the United States wanted to wage war. After U.S. troops left Iraq in 2011, there was an up rise of civil conflicts because of politics of who is going to run Iraq after the Saddam regime and religion influence between the Shiites and Sunnis.
Despite Iraq’s rich history and complex culture, it has put itself from a great country with great opportunities to a country that has devoured itself from the inside because of greed and civil conflicts. It has an unfortunate history of greed from its former leader that lead the country’s future dismal and way behind from the modern world. Up to this day Iraq is failing in gathering itself together as a single nation to work together as one for the greater good of the country.

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