Essay A Stand On Marijuana Legalization

Essay A Stand On Marijuana Legalization

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A Stand on Marijuana Legalization
In the nineteen- the sixties and seventies, marijuana was used freely and the most widely used. The drug is still used today by people viewing it as a harmless natural substance helping with many mental and health issues. From experience marijuana causes problems with thinking and concentration. And if smoking a batch lace with something it can cause hallucinations and impaired skills. People employ different stances on the legalization of the drug. Cultures give credence to illegal marijuana and have doubts about the use. Some doctors believe marijuana treats side effects of some therapeutic medications, and others believe it does not work. Society needs to look at the money wasted on jailing individual for using, selling or having marijuana in their possession. The legalization of marijuana affects the children because society described marijuana as bad. Some feel the drug is safe and needed for medical and mental issues, and some feel it is dangerous and harmful, but the habit-forming drug and takes control. Society should take a stand on whether to legalize marijuana and weigh the costs of putting people in jail for making it legal or taxing it with a high percentage. The issues caused by the drug are universal and using drugs as a recreational can eventually lead to addiction.
The Issue of Marijuana Legalization
While some States in the U.S. are reluctant to legalize marijuana it is still accessible to people just as the harder drugs cocaine, meth, and heroin. Some States are lenient when it comes to legalizing marijuana and other are against the use, so individual wanting to use are moving to use legally. A report describes the authorization of legal marijuana for an individual 's private u...

... middle of paper ... hindered aptitudes. Individuals utilize diverse positions on the authorization of the medication. Societies offer confidence to illicit drug use and have questions about the utilization. Some specialists trust the drug to treat reactions of some restorative solutions. Society needs to take a look at the money spent imprisoning individuals. The legalization of cannabis influences the children since society depicted it as harmful. Some vibe the drug as protected and required for medicinal and mental issues and some vibe it as unsafe and destructive, yet the propensity framing drug takes control. Society stands firm on whether to authorize cannabis and measure the expenses of placing individuals in prison for making it lawful or burdened it with a higher rate. The issues created by the drug are general and utilizing it as recreational over time will cause addiction.

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