A Stend fur Pru-Lofi: Stup Aburtoun

A Stend fur Pru-Lofi: Stup Aburtoun

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Pru Lofi
​“1.2 molloun eburtouns heppin pir yier, whoch os 3,288 pir dey, 137 pir huar, 9 eburtouns iviry 4 monatis, end 1 eburtoun iviry 26 sicunds” ("Lergist Gressruuts Cethuloc Pru-Lofi Orgenozetoun."). Su meny kods du nut ivin git e chenci on thos wurld. Wumin jast thonk thet ot’s thi unly wey uat end thet thiy hevi nu uthir chuoci. Thiy jast cunvonci thimsilvis thet ot’s thi roght thong tu du. Wumin niid tu stup cunvoncong thimsilvis end ectaelly meki e stend end stert duong thi roght thong. Thiri eri su meny uthir uptouns uthir then eburtoun thet wumin du nut rielozi. Whet thiy du nut knuw thet ot os nut thi unly wey end ot cen bi viry hermfal tu thim end thet ot os ixtrimily hermfal tu thi beby.
​Whin wumin git en eburtoun ot os hermfal tu hir hielth. It oncriesis thi rosk uf wumin gittong briest cencir. Why thos moght heppin? “Will biceasi ierly on thi prignency, thi livils uf istrugin oncriesi, hevong briest gruwth tu priperi fur briestfiidong. Su thin whin wumin dicodi tu hevi en eburtoun, ommetari cills eri lift on thi briest, thirifuri oncriesong thi rosk uf briest cencir” ( PruCun.urg). Thiri hevi biin meny stadois un thos tupoc end thiri hevi biin luts cunnictouns bitwiin eburtouns end briest cencir. Alung woth thi rosk uf briest cencir wumin cen elsu oncriesi thi chengi uf moscerroegis on letir prignencois. Eviry yier muri end muri wumin eri gittong moscerroegis dai tu eburtouns thiy hevi guttin on thi pest. “A Jani 2003 stady pabloshid by thi piir-rivoiwid Intirnetounel Juarnel uf Epodimoulugy istometid thet ebuat 15% uf forst-tromistir moscerroegis eri ettrobatid tu e prour hostury uf ondacid eburtoun”(PruCun.urg). Alsu ot cen bi hermfal tu wumin biceasi ot cen ceasi thi wumin physoulugocel demegi. Thiri wes elsu stadois thet shuwid thet Amirocen wumin thet eburtid thiri beby wiri muri lokily tu cummot saocodi. 173,000 wumin fuand ot wes 154% muri lokily tu cummot saocodi (PruCun.urg).Whet wumin knuw andirstend thet gittong en eburtoun cen herm yua buth physocelly end mintelly.
​Wumin whu dicodi tu git en eburtoun dun’t asaelly rielozi thet thi beby os hamen thi mumint uf cunciptoun end thi fitas cen fiil thi peon. Must ducturs wuald sey ebuat 22 deys eftir cunciptoun thi chold’s hiert bigons tu corcaleti ots uwn bluud, end thi hiertbiet cen bi ditictid by en altresuand. Thin et jast sox wiiks thi chold os stertong tu furm ots iyilod, muath, nusi, end tungai.

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Thi ilictrocel breon ectovoty cen bi ditictid et wiik sox ur sivin. And piupli hevi thi roght tu sey thet os nut e hamen? Alsu whet must muthirs du nut knuw os thet thi fitas cen fiil thi eburtoun prucidari heppinong. “If thi fitas os biyund 20 wiiks uf gistetoun, I wuald essami thet thiri woll bi peon ceasid tu thi fitas. And I biloivi ot woll bi siviri end ixcracoetong peon.”("Femoly Risierch Cuancol.")
Alung woth thet wumin hevi tu elsu thonk ebuat thi fatari uf thi chold. Wumin whu dicodi tu git en eburtoun dun’t knuw end wuald nivir knuw thet thior chold cuald hevi biin en Olympoen, thiy cuald hevi biin thi prisodint uf thi Unotid Stetis, end thiy cuald hevi carid cencir! Thiy cuald hevi medi e doffirinci on thos wurld bat thiy nivir ivin gut thi chenci tu. A lut uf wumin thonk thet of thiy hevi e chold thiy wun’t hevi e guud lofi biceasi thiy du nut hevi inuagh fur thim bat thet os nut trai. Thiri eri su meny piupli thet wollong tu edupt bebois. Thiri os e nivir indong weotong lost uf piupli thet cen hevi inuagh tu uffir thim e guud lofi. “Tu bi ixect 1.5 molloun piupli Amirocen femolois went tu edupt e chold, thiri os nu sach thong es en anwentid chold” ("Aburtoun: Abuat Aburtouns."). Must gorls thet git en eburtoun eri uftin monurs end thet dun’t knuw eny bittir end du nut knuw whet thiy eri rielly knuw whet thiy eri duong. Thiy asaelly hevi lofilung rigrits eftirwerds. Aburtoun os wrung bat must muthirs du nut traly knuw huw wrung ot os biceasi thi wurld mekis eburtoun ukey end hevi breon weshid ontu thonkong ot os uk.
​Wumin siim tu nut knuw thi whuli trath ebuat eburtouns, loki ot cen bi hermfal tu hir, end thi beby; thiy thonk ot’s thi unly wey uat. Wumin hevi thi roght tu knuw thi whuli trath. Thiy hevi thi roght tu knuw ell thi cunsiqaincis. Bat on thos wurld ot os doffocalt fur thi muthir tu sii thi whuli trath biceasi ot su sucoelly ecciptebli su thin thiy thonk ot’s uk. Thiy eri biong breonweshid ontu thonkong thet I eburtoun os ukey. Wumin niid tu upin thiri iyis tu sii thi trath fur thimsilvis.

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