A Speech With More Than One Story Essay

A Speech With More Than One Story Essay

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A Speech With More Than One Story
I am Monise Ghandchi. I am a 17-Year-Old persian girl who holds many personalities. I am energetic, athletic, generous, loud, quiet, innocent, guilty, and etc. However, the youths i grew up with narrowed my presence down to one thought. A single story. Although i’ve wondered, I never actually knew why people at my school wouldn 't interact with me since I’ve always been extremely friendly and generous towards anyone who got to know me. Then again, not many people tried to get to know me. I remember trying so hard to make friends that i have even straight up asked other kids if i could be their best friend. All they would do is give me an odd look and brush it off, ignore me, or shout at me until i went away. Needless to say, my strategies of not being a loner did not work. Despite all the insecurities I developed over these times in my life, i came to the realization that I might not be the cause of this issue. The problem could be none other than them forming one idea of who i am.

For some reason in this world, we seem to think that any voice from an outside party is greatly accurate. This may be due to several different factors. Maybe we are more confident in the knowledge of others than we are of our own, or maybe we are just too lazy to check it out for ourselves. As i continued to shift more of my focus towards something that wouldn’t run away from me, (school work), I had more people personally tell me how much of a quiet person i am. This baffled me because I knew about so many other personalities that I hold, as they know only of one. I even felt a bit of anger towards these people who didn’t make an effort to see me any other way especially after all of my attempts to fit in and explore...

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...s in entering zeroes in the gradebook even though you did all of the work. Have you ever thought that maybe he is distressed and exhausted because he has a family member in the hospital that he has to spend nights with constantly? Finally, imagine me as a little girl spending my lunch hour in the bathroom stall. That sounds odd right? However would you understand if you knew that I was actually just trying to escape the tyrannies of bullying? These are all real situations and they occur quite often. It is all a matter of being open minded and understanding.

The truth is, we all try to find something to blame. We point fingers instead of looking at ourselves in the mirror and telling ourselves, you are just like them. Each one of us has lived every day as a new page in our long Novel. Yes I agree, there can be too many pages to explain, but it does not hurt to read.

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