Essay on A Speech On Wake Up And Realize

Essay on A Speech On Wake Up And Realize

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Wake Up And Realize
Some people get so caught up in the dreams and fantasies of life that they forget what can actually be achieved. They set goals so high and think they have all the power in the world to obtain a goal that ultimately fails. One may pour all of one’s money into the goal, or every second of one’s day, or every ounce of energy in one’s body just to fail. Everything one ever wished for may be simply unattainable. It leads to the ultimate feeling of disappointment. In 2012, Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, felt disappointment and sadness when he lost the election. During some interviews after losing the election Romeny expressed his emotions after losing all that he worked for, “We were convinced we would win… It 's hard, it 's emotional… It kills me to not be there, to not be in the White House” ( Romney truly thought he could win and achieve his life goal. He was so close, yet so far away. Romney felt that he had the power, money, and such promising commitments to America that he would win for sure. He spent $433,281,516 of his own money on the campaign and worked everyday to achieve his goal ( He lacked the ability to see his chances of failure and he did not prepare for failure nor did he follow the right steps to achieve his goal. A problem in today’s society is that goal setting is not realistic or planned out correctly. In the novel, The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald uses symbolism to show that having realistic goals and aspirations can prevent false hopes that could lead to lack of self-actualization.
Fitzgerald uses the valley of ashes to symbolize the idea that society will influence one’s morals and decisions. Whatever the social norm may be people will try to follo...

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...avagant parties. When Gatsby showed Daisy his shirts “Daisy bent her head into the shirts and began to cry stormily. ‘They’re such beautiful shirts.’ She sobbed, her voice muffled in the thick folds. ‘It makes me sad because I’ve never seen such—such beautiful shirts before’ ” (Fitzgerald 92). Daisy further proves Gatsby’s point that he can buy her over with material possessions. Daisy falls more in love with Gatsby by just seeing his closet. The realization that Gatsby has more money, makes Daisy sad because she’s been missing out with Tom, so she is swayed by Gatsby’s material possessions to be with Gatsby because he is more successful because he as more money. Gatsby empowers materialism by making it the leading power to win Daisy over by just buying things. John Pidgeon says, “in the American dream there is always the belief that the only truly worthy achievement

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