Essay on A Speech On Physical Contact

Essay on A Speech On Physical Contact

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Physical Contact
Physical Contact means, for instance, shaking a client by the hand (touch).
A child who has studied in the same school since year seven and regularly meets the therapist and special education needs assistant, due to having problems with controlling their behaviour and when both practitioners see the child they shake their hand. This is a way to welcome someone and greet them in a gracious manner. Furthermore, by doing this with the children who get annoyed easily this would be calming their gesture. This provides dignity (being treated with respect).
Besides, a head teacher would make sure that the children are receiving an award in the school hall for doing well in a particular subject and they would make physical contact by shaking their hands to congratulate them on how well they have done. This expression is there to show that you are praising someone. This provides approval and dignity.
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Modelling means, for instance, putting a hearing aid in one 's own ear to show how it’s done.
However, a head teacher would make sure that the children are shown how to do a specific thing. For instance, if there was a couple of children with autism that needed a hearing aid, due to not hearing people talk. A head teacher ensures that there is someone to show them how to do it or help them put it on, e.g. a special education needs assistant. This provides social support.
Furthermore, a therapist, special education needs assistant as well as a support assistant would clarify and explain the instructions and would make certain that the children are shown how to do something. They might show them how to make a leaflet. For instance, they might show each person individually or a few at once, this is due to t...

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... sanitation they use.
The therapist explains to the children who have extra sessions that they will be doing Maths, English and Science in that day. They may ask the children what they would like to do first, but they will have to do all the subjects on that day regardless.
A special education needs assistant and support assistant may ask the children to complete a specific task; they may have added that if the children complete the task successfully then they can get a star on their good behaviour chart. This can motivate the children into working hard because they are aware that if they gain a certain number of stars then they will get a prize. This provides social support and approval.
Clients ' will be more willing to comply if they understand why the practitioner wants them to behave in a certain way, so using good communication skills is important.
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