A Space Opera, Star Trek Next Generation Essay

A Space Opera, Star Trek Next Generation Essay

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Star Trek Next Generation is an example of a space opera. Space opera includes a lot of romantic elements such as love stories, space battles, oversized heroes and villains, exotic locations, and gorgeous women. Anyone with even just some exposure to Western pop culture has heard of at least one of the Star Trek series. The series predicted many technological mainstays such as the tablet, automatic doors, mobile phones, and natural-language AI programing long before their commercial-market debuts. It is set about 71 years after the first series, in 2364. The show’s overarching focus is human exploration; i.e. humanity vs. alien, the discovery of new life, humanity as savage, and social/political relationships with alien cultures. The show also displays some examples of progressive gender politics. However, the show itself puts more focus on humans (the human condition) that any on any other/alien race and could have done more in the promotion of gender politics and equality.
For the presentation we choose to focus on two episodes: “Encounter at Farpoint” and “All Good Things...” “E...

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