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A Soldier By Otto Dix Essay

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At the commencement of the coming war, the general view of the civilian population and the soldiers was excitement and joy. To the general public, war had “become legendary, and distance had made it seem romantic and heroic” (Zweig) The romanticized tone of the war inspired a festive attitude that permeated through each nation and soon the “...average men and women were delighted at the prospect of war” (Russell). Otto Dix, an esteemed German painter, painted a portrait of himself before he went into the war labeled, “Self Portrait of a Soldier”. Through the vibrant colors that Dix utilizes, he conveys the message that war is a “celebration of strength and violence”. This contributes to the overall tone of soldiers, who believed that they would gain glory and pride by fighting this war. “...young recruits were marching triumphantly, their faces lighting up at the cheering” (Zweig) demonstrates how the initial reaction of civilians toward soldiers reconfirmed the fact that pride would be gained through war, making the position of soldier a desirable one
Faced against a common enemy, the civilians on one side of the war banded together against other, and they believed that they would quickly demolish their opponent. The people were unified against a common enemy, leading them to be a cohesive group. “As never before, thousands and hundreds of thousands felt what they should have felt in peace time, that they belonged together” (Zweig). The unity caused by war is also seen through a propaganda poster, named Together, which demonstrates multiple races and people fighting together under the same flag, in order to inspire harmony within the country. Since war had not occurred for such a long time in Europe, the length and tragedy of...

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...reaty, and the “end” of the war managed to exacerbate the issues that led to it, and even create new ones, because there was no real definitive ending to the war, meaning that ideas of revenge festered in everyone’s thoughts. Issues such as nationalism and the Balkan powder keg still remained, and new issues such as a crippled economy and German revenge remained. Due to the massive amount of money used by the governments, and the reparations that Germany had to pay, many countries were extremely poor. In addition, Germans were not provided a valid reason to why they lost the war-- they were just told to stop fighting, and to suffer heavily for the loss. This inflamed the nationalistic feelings within the Germans, which would later come back in the form of WWII. Due to these unresolved issues and new ones created, the prospects for long-lasting peace are extremely low.

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`` Self Portrait Of A Soldier `` By Otto Dix Essay

- At the commencement of the war, the general view of the civilians and soldiers was excitement and joy. To the general public, war had “become legendary, and distance had made it seem romantic and heroic” (Zweig). The romanticized tone of the war inspired a festive attitude that permeated through each nation. Soon the “...average men and women were delighted at the prospect of war” (Russell). Otto Dix, an esteemed German painter, painted a portrait of himself before he went into the war titled, “Self Portrait of a Soldier”....   [tags: World War I, World War II, Treaty of Versailles]

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