A Society Fighting for Social Change in Belize Essay

A Society Fighting for Social Change in Belize Essay

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In Belize different societies are creating conflicts in order for them to see change, for example the Mayan community fought for their land and the LBGT society fought for their right of freedom. The Mayas took the Government of Belize to court for customary land rights. On court days the Mayas would assembly in the Battlefield park showing their support to the caused at hand. The Mayas had conflict among themselves well because some wanted customary lands while others wanted leased land. Both parties assembled outside the court room to show support while the court case is going on (7 News Belize, June 10, 2009). The Mayas went to court on numerous occasions. They won their case but the Government of Belize does not act in accordance with what the courts put in place so they end up in court repeatedly. The Mayas show the dedication in what they want they refuse to back down until they get their customary land and the Government of Belize abide by what the court put in place. The Maya case is the first of its kinds to go to the Caribbean Court of Justice. Like the unionist in 2005 the Mayan society is making history. The UNIBAM community, defends the rights of Lesbian, Bi-sexual, Gay, and Transgender (LBGT) persons, also went to court, they wanted in section 53 of the constitution because they “believe that at section 53 of the constitution violates their rights to have sexual relations with same sex partners.” (7 News Belize, Dec. 5, 2012). The LBGT community wants equality. Their main focus is that they are like any other human being in Belize and due to that they should be treated fairly. They do not think that they should be judged or treated differently just because their preferences are different from majority of the Belizean...

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...ng leaders that would not back down. Their leaders motivated them to move forward to continue the fight and remain united. No matter the obstacles they faced they closed their eyes to it continue in order for them to see their end result. The Belize National Teachers Union is once again fighting for a salary increase. Will they be successful with their fight once again? The Belizean society need to just sit back and see how this episode of Teachers versus The Government of Belize will plays out.

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