A Social And Economic Problems Faced By African American Males Essays

A Social And Economic Problems Faced By African American Males Essays

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Given the social and economic problems faced by African-American males in the United States, their experiences at colleges and universities have become a source of major concern. One of the challenges most universities today face is the recruitment and retention of their students. The retention rates and graduation rates of white males are followed by white females, and then African-American females. As the research will show, African-American males are going to college, but their persistent to graduation declines.
The following are some of the issues or concerns as it relates to African-American males and them attending or completing college. Only forty-seven percent of African-American males graduate from high school on time in 2008 compared to seventy-eight percent of their white counter parts (Harper, 2012). African-American males are less prepared academically (Harper, 2012). In 2002, African-American males composed of only 4.3 percent of the males enrolled in higher education which was the same number in 1976 (Harper, 2012). Black male completion rates are the lowest among both sexes and all racial and ethnic groups in the United States (Harper, 2012). The six year graduation rates for African-American males attending public colleges and universities was thirty-three percent compared to 48.1 percent of other students (Harper, 2012).
Even after having obtain a degree, African-American males are still face lower employment rates compared to white counterparts which affects the compensation that receive even with degrees (McDaniel, DiPrete, Buchmann, & Shwed, 2011). In the professional arena, African-American males earn 73% of the income of their white counterparts, with the average African-American...

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...ionally interact with the students because most of them already have accounts. The most important part of using social media is because it will allow us to accelerate getting information into the hands of the students quickly and often.
What’s next

Institutional data will allow us to track the retention of the students through 1st to 2nd year, as well as their persistence to graduation. We will be able to compare the retention rate of our African-American males and our majority population males. We will also look at segmenting the African-American males who follow the twitter account and those who do not. We will evaluate the data that comes from twitter account. We will be able to track followers, retweets, and other information that should assist the young men as we try to accelerate their learning as they race into the future to obtain their education.

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