A Smart ( Phone ) Society Essay

A Smart ( Phone ) Society Essay

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A Smart (Phone) Society

Ask anyone to name a few necessities that humans need to live in this world, and they’ll probably start to name items such as food, water, and shelter. Those who are a bit more bold might say a smart phone, computers, or even a TV. Are they wrong? It could be easily argued that they are correct in saying that those things are now important to have in day-to-day life. Phones and other technological advances are no longer a luxury for the privileged; they have become a necessity in today’s society.
People are in touch with each other with a click of a button, or the touch of a screen. Yet, these instant messages and lightning fast communications are starting to become the norm. No longer is it merely a luxury to have a smart phone, now it’s the standard; especially if 64% of American adults now possess a smart phone (Smith). Trying to live life without the ways of on-the-spot connection, people find it difficult to live at all (Sarwar). The definition of a necessity is something that is required, or absolutely necessary to have. In today’s world, functioning in life is nearly impossible without having a smart phone.
Technology is rapidly advancing, and the people of the world are ravenous to keep up. Sending letters through the mail service is no longer a viable source of communication, especially with impatient business men and women. A more practical system of communication became instant messaging, and, in particular, texting and emailing. Because of the smash hit that was instantaneous correspondence, the use of computers and smart phones is practically a requirement to be successful in society.
Many companies have adapted their methods of business to rely heavily on the technological side, because o...

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..., and many are doing just that. In a survey in 2014, smart phone owners talked about how they used their phones in the past year. Of the users surveyed, 62% of them said that they looked up information about a health condition. Over ninety percent of every age group had sent a text and made a voice or video call to another person (Smith). Smart phones usage for everyday endeavors is the future, and the future starts today.
Because of the advances in the technological field, it has become essential to possess a means of instant communication so that we can be in constant touch with the people living around us. The use of smart phones, tablets, and computers in the business and school communities has become inescapable if people wish to be successful. The importance of a smart phone and other technology has heightened from a luxury to some, to a necessity for everyone.

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