Essay about A Small Town Is Better Than Growing Up

Essay about A Small Town Is Better Than Growing Up

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Small towns are looked down upon and criticized because they are small; however, they might be the best town of all. All of the people who reside there are thoughtful of one another, care for their neighbor, and their family. Small towns have good cultural values of what is considered good, desirable, and proper (Schaefer 2016:63). Residents feel like they are a part of something bigger than the town. People who grow up in small towns have better morals, give more athletic opportunities to children, and have a sense of community.
Our social behavior is a big part of what makes us who we are. Personally, I think that growing up in a small town is better than growing up in a city. My small town values influence my behavior and criteria for my actions since values and norms are often directly related (Schaefer 2016:64). “family, cohesiveness, peer group behavior, and other social factors can override genetic influences on behavior” (Schaefer 2016:59). As I experience college life, I realize my morals are different from others. When crossing the street, I always wait for the cars to pass and if I do cross I make sure they see me. This is also a safety precaution that I was taught because drivers are frequently distracted and do not see pedestrians walking. On University of Northern Iowa’s campus, drivers are used to waiting for pedestrians; instead, I find myself waiting for the cars to go when really they are waving me to cross. Other students mindlessly walk across the street not even thinking about the cars. Another moral of mine is the golden rule; treat others how you would like to be treated. However, other kids did not grow up in a town that taught this. So, I let others in the door first, open the door for others, or let the...

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... this extracurricular activity and spend an untold amount of time and money. This does not aid the children; even after all of the hard work some do not gain access to the group. This is an informal norm, it is generally understood by not precisely recorded (Schaefer 2016:61) so families do not understand what they are sending their kids into. I am content with the amount of activities I did in high school and the values I learned from competition. I wish everyone could have the chance that I did.
So the small town is a better fit for people because they will have countless opportunities to thrive in sports, together as a community, and have better morals. They make a person feel as if they are apart of a community unlike the big cities where people do not know their neighbors or feel safe. There are several reasons to why I love my culture but these are just a few.

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