A Small Town Has Its Benefits Essay

A Small Town Has Its Benefits Essay

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Growing up in a small town has its benefits along with its disadvantages. When asked about where I am from I usually can’t just say “Waterford Ohio” because people never know where that is. When I explain where I am from I have to say that I am about twenty minutes north of Marietta, then they understand. This can get very aggravating to me because I feel as if my hometown is something special that nobody knows about.
When I say I live in a small town, I mean that I live in a town with approximately only four hundred and fifty people total (Waterford, Ohio). It doesn’t seem like much, but to me it was just the right amount. To grow up in a town that everybody knew everybody was an incredible feeling, because any time that an accomplishment was made, everybody knew about it and was congratulating you.
Waterford Ohio is in Washington County, which was established on July 26, 1788. The people that found it was Gen. Rufus Putnam and Rev. Dr. Manasseh Cutler. These two men were very determined because of the “Ordinance of 1787” (History of Washington County). Looking back now I think that Waterford has really matured as a town and has created a lot of new opportunities for people. Even though there is only one restaurant in Waterford, Ohio it happens to be a really unique one.
Jukebox Pizza is one of the best pizza places in our area. They have a five-star review on almost all food websites. Waterford is known for this because there is only two of them in the whole world and we just happen to be the original home of it. Garrett and Becky Powers are the owners of this business, but they have recently retired and handed both restaurants down to their children. The thing that is very unique about Jukebox is that it is not just a pi...

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...e prep classes. When I came to college, I was not prepared at all. And just because I live in a small town doesn’t mean that I should not have the same opportunity as the others.
Also I would start a recruitment business that could get student athletes that live in small towns recognized in sports and create a larger opportunity for them to play sports in college. The reason I would do this is because I struggled with this until I hired a recruiter for me. Without him I don’t think I would’ve gotten the opportunity to play the game I love at the next level like I am doing here at Malone. This would help my community by providing chances for athletes to get scholarship money to be able to save their family money for their college education. I would like to be able to help my community in as many ways as possible, and these two things seem to be on my top priority.

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