A Sister's Footprints Through Life

A Sister's Footprints Through Life

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A Sister’s Footprints Through Life
Kimberly Daterria Williams age 28 born June 12, 1979; a sister of such great demeanor was always the perfect Sister. She appeared to have all the attributes of a saint: a great Christian life, grades any parent would be proud of, she knew just what to say to adults, and most of all she never made a mistake. If so one's little sister never knew of it. What parent would not love a daughter like Kimberly? One’s little sister had jealousy towards Kimberly, which now has blossomed into a love for her. For now Kimberly has become a great example in one's life of being driven, outgoing, and inspiring. Kimberly's relationship with her little sister has matured into a friendship. A friendship of which will now be the foundation that will help her little sister be more successful in her little sisters life's decisions.
Kimberly's ultimate obstacle was fear; not making the right decisions is what she based her drive off of to get to a successful lifestyle. She feared not being able to support and make a better living for herself, and she was not about to settle for being a failure in life. To make that success, she attended college at University of Arizona, which was where she graduated. There she received a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, which now with that drive that was originally there before the degree, has more emphasis on anything she does in life.

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She can be the leader of her choice in her career. What made Kimberly even more driven to be the best was that she was the first generation graduate. She knew that she was holding that title of excellence because she had worked hard at everything she did, and believed she deserved that position. That now, she was the prime example in the family to all of her younger siblings to be ambitious. She believed in herself, that she was confident enough to be successful through all the troubles of a college student. Through it all she ended exceeding expectations, because she had a desire to achieve her goals in life.
Kimberly's traits of being an outgoing woman came from many aspects of her life. Her sportsmanship, family orientation, and having a social life through college which influenced her adulthood. Kimberly played all the sports from basketball, volleyball, and track and field. Kimberly became an outgoing woman, because of the wonderful awards she received for being the best team player, the fastest track runner, and the lead team player in all her sports. It allowed her to open up to new things such as networking with others, and building a reputation for her life. She became a person who could entertain a person with a conversation of her great accomplishments. She is a proud person who appreciates her family and their support, in her accomplishments to wanting to be successful. Kimberly appreciated the struggle her family went through to get her to where she is today. She's always visiting her family, and supporting every family event because she understands the importance of having her family as a backbone, and the family is always compassionate in her ambition to wanting to learn. Kimberly travels the world to expand her knowledge, if it’s just a weekend away with the girls, or if it’s just to get away from the busy cities, she is always looking to learn something new on the journey through life.
Her intelligence has inspired many around her because of her aspiration to wanting to get an education. It’s even more inspiring to those who are watching her to get her Master’s. Her life example shows one that it is possible to get what one wants out of life. That even though one did have a distressed lifestyle growing up, anything is possible. It’s the positive way Kimberly carries herself that inspires one to want to be a better individual. Kimberly shows a great illustration of how a strong woman who can support herself should be. Her motivation makes others want to just get up and take a stand for what they want to do with their life. People see the success in her life and see how soft and well-spoken she is and it makes others want to be that person of great morality. To be known and seen because of the how she inspires others.
Kimberly is a woman who many don’t want to see succeed, hatred and jealousy is what is presented to her because of her success. She’s young, black, and beautiful, but her being a woman of such character she can’t help but be that one that everyone hates. Through all hatred only makes her a stronger individual, and only pushes her to want to do more for herself. Kimberly's kind heart, high positive spirit will always be the foundation in her which will keep her humble to those who share such harsh feelings towards her. She will as well always be that great example in one's life of being driven, outgoing, and inspiring, to want to grow and be a great individual like Kimberly Williams.
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