Essay on A Sinner's Tale

Essay on A Sinner's Tale

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Royalty is often known for their pride and greed, but some royals go beyond what you would normally expect. Princess Synthia was a prime example of this. Her family was quite large; she was the oldest of the girls yet middle over all. Her younger sister, Mary, stood out as she refused to wear dresses and anything frilly. Instead she chose to wear more prince-like clothes, unless she was forced to wear otherwise. Henry, the oldest, was heir to the throne and fit the stereotype of a humble prince to a T. Synthia was highly jealous of her eldest brother, coveting the throne for herself and everyone knew it.
“You three should go and socialize in town.” The Queen urged her children, today they were going to host a ball and she wanted them to personally invite some people in the town. Synthia only rolled her eyes while the other two gave a respectful nod to their mother. She thought it was below her to talk to anyone besides royalty. The princess quietly followed her siblings with her head held high. Only when the trio was outside did she speak, “I don’t see why we must go to town. Why not just send them a letters?” Her question was rhetorical as she quickly continued, “When I’m Queen I’ll-“. “When you’re Queen? You’re not the heir.” Her brother corrected with a stern look. Henry opened his mouth to further scold his sister, but Synthia abruptly turned her back to him and marched off toward the gardens.
The frustrated princess huffed and puffed when she was finally alone, thinking it was ridiculous how her brother would be receiving what should have been hers. She sat on a bench when her anger had sufficiently worn her out. With a sigh she dared to break her posture and leaned back against the bench, her blonde locks flowing over t...

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...g and huffing at being forced to wear a gown. “Oh Mary you look amazing!” Synthia cooed and embraced her sister, quite the unusual act for her. The younger princess tensed, expecting something cruel but soon relaxed and hugged her sister back. “Thanks sister..” She said a bit uneasily. Synthia just smiled and practically skipped off to find her brother, giving him the same treatment as she did her sister. “I’m so sorry for earlier, brother!” Her apology was quite sincere and Henry smiled, happy to see his sister being more reasonable. She made her way to the entrance to greet the guests s they entered, giving them a warm smile and wave. Only one of them stood out though, a familiar young man walked through the door. Synthia gasped and her face paled slightly, she thought it had only been a dream. The man said nothing but gave the princess a wink as he strode on by.

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