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A Single Person On Earth Essay

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Not a single person on earth is the same as the other. There are many different factors that play into who I am today. I grew up in a small town in South Dakota called Philip. The town had approximately 800 people in it. I lived on a ranch there and learned how to drive tractors, move cattle, and use many of the other machines around the ranch. I lived on the ranch until I was about eight years old. I then ended up moving to Sturgis, South Dakota, home to the motorcycle rally. These few places that I have lived have helped mold me into the woman I am today.
There are certain things that influence me day to day. “This process by which we learn the ways of society (or of particular groups), called socialization, is what sociologists have in mind when they say, ‘Society makes us human.’” (Henslin 79). Some of the things that I have learned from society is that it wants us to better ourselves. We need to get a high school diploma and go to college. I have always had a dream ever since I was a little girl watching the Disney princess movies to find a husband and get married. This is also another example of how socialization has occurred.
The media has influenced me immensely also. What we see on television and hear on the radio is what we do. I remember when I was in middle school you were not considered “cool” if you did not have name brand clothes and know all of the latest gossip and music. This to me is heavily influenced by the media. When was a younger person, I saw all of the famous celebrities wearing and producing these songs and every person’s dream is to be famous so we in turn dress like them and sing their songs. Now, as a college student, I am still heavily influenced by the media and society. You will not catch me wi...

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...chool Softball team. I was trying out as a catcher. I did not even know that there was a High School softball team so I was terrified at the fact that I might actually make the team. I did the best I could at tryouts and gave it my all. I got the call the very next day that I had made the team as a second-string catcher and a first-string outfielder. There was a senior ahead of me that was catching instead of me but that was a blessing because I got to get a feel for such a fast-paced game before I was the starting catcher.
My teams and I are the closest social group that I could think of. We shared pretty much everything that there is to know about a person. I adore every aspect of my life from the people who influenced me to the sports that I played. This is just a little bit about myself how I was shaped into the person I am today and how I got where I am going.

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