A Single Parent Home With My Mother 's Last Name Essay

A Single Parent Home With My Mother 's Last Name Essay

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Growing up in a single parent home with my mother for six years I carried her last name and not my father’s last name. Once my mother got married, I was adopted by her husband and got his last name that I have now. The reason I introduced a little of my background in this paper is to recognize real life situations about how parents not only choose what names to take on once married, but also when single parents have children and decide on whether or not the child should have the father’s last name or the mother’s last name. To me, when I get married I will take on my husband’s last name. I believe this not to only be a tradition but also an important representation of marriage. The bible says that when two people are to marry, they become one flesh so that in my mind calls me to believe that when I marry I shall change my name due to that statement. There’s not a law for women to change their last name when they get married, it’s just that most do and if not then there’s no penalty or a drawback in the marriage. I expect our religion to play a huge role in my marriage. I’ve been with my boyfriend for seven years and as we grow older, our relationship has begun to become closer with God. We both believe that in order for us to grow God has to be the center of our bond. We motivate and help each other to become a better person for the sake of our relationship and for our future. Being religious does not mean having to attend church every Sunday, bible study every Wednesday, or every church function. I believe going to church as much as you can, but you can always give God the praise no matter where you are. My spouse and I will share the same religion so that it will make it easier for us as a couple and also when we have children....

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... for the sake of our children. I would prefer a pre-nuptial agreement in order to keep what I’ve worked for. Not only to protect myself but, also protecting my children so that they will never have to worry about tomorrow. I wouldn’t want to have a messy divorce where my spouse and I began to hate each other and not talk unless it was about the kids. I would be able to remain friends with my ex-husband.
Overall, my marriage expectations seem very realistic in what I see on television and even movies. Marriage is not something you just walk into and know what to do because it takes time. I believe that I’m ready for marriage to learn and grow with my spouse so that we can achieve our life goals with one another. I have come to the belief that the sole purpose to get married is for your spouse to help you grow as a person with God and the people that are around you.

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