A Single Mother With 2 Small Young Children Essay

A Single Mother With 2 Small Young Children Essay

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Laura is a single mother with 2 small young children – Nathan is 5 years old and Colleen 3 – she has a boyfriend, Julian, who is not the father of the children. However, Julian states that even though he is not the biological father he loves both Nathan and Colleen as if they were his own. After 2 years of a relationship, Laura and Julian decide to get married, and after one year of marriage Laura gets pregnant by Julian and has another child named Lilly. Five months after Lilly is born, Julian’s younger brother dies in a fatal hit and run car crash and Julian becomes deeply depressed he seeks alcohol as a form of cure for his sadness. As Julian became more and more depressed and dependent on alcohol he becomes laid off from his job, unable to perform his fatherly duties, and experiences mood swings of rage towards Laura. More than 4 months has passed since Julian got laid off from his job and he has only fallen into a greater slump. Laura is desperately struggling to not only provide for Nathan, now 8 years old, Colleen, now 6 years old, Lilly, who is still an infant at 9 months old, and now even Julian. Laura deeply understands the pain that Julian feels of his younger brothers’ death, but she is unable to support the family solely on her own. Laura is at a crossroads of whether or not she should leave Julian along with her 3 children and live with her parents or stay with him. As a friend of Laura’s, she should most definitely leave Julian.
Julian has become emotionally dependent on alcohol and abuses the sustenance. Julian has displayed distinctive signs of alcoholism, such as drinking copious amounts of Corona and Bud Light beers, to harder liquor such as Jack Daniel’s whiskey, and Smirnoff vodka. Julian has been known to dri...

... middle of paper ...

...program to detoxify himself from alcohol; however, the rehabilitation facilities are far too expensive for the family. The most basic and cheapest inpatient rehab program can range anywhere from $2,000 to $7,00 in which patients live in a full-time facility while participating in a recovery program for 30-days. The program consists of daily and nightly meetings for alcoholics anonymous, daily chores, intake, assessment, and evaluation, and 24-hour supervision (Brande).
Laura does not wish to brake up the family; however, she has given Julian numerous chances to detoxify himself and sober up, but Julian relapses each and every time. Laura has talked with Julian about his drinking habits and begged him to change his ways, but to no avail he cannot quit. Unfortunately, Julian is too dependent upon the toxic substance that he cannot give it up for the sake of his family.

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