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A Single American Nation Essay

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After the the sit-ins, the Freedom Rides (starting in 1960), the Battle of Oxford, the civil rights movements earned African-American men, women, and children the right to sit in public places, use restrooms, and drinking fountains that were no longer “whites only”. The civil rights movement also earned African-Americans the right to go to school (after the Supreme Court made their ruling on “Brown vs. the Board of Education”-they came to the conclusion the black and white schools were not separate but unequal), work, and vote (Beacham, T. Gilmartin, B., Grobman, S, Ling, C., & Rhee, V., 2004). The Supreme Court decision did not fully correct the situation, though, it did make room for the public to start turning things around, such as full-fledged integration of the school system nationwide - President Dwight D. Eisenhower had to order the governor of Arkansas to call off troops that surrounded the school in 1957, (three years after the Brown vs. the Board of Education). In 1963, there was still one University that was “whites only”, and Alabama Governor George Wallace was determined to forever bar segregation in his state, against the wishes of the federal government; this sort of declaration was similar to what happened in the south, during reconstruction, the national government and the state governments were in direct conflict with one another. It again, took Presidential enforcement of the law, in addition to sending the National Guard to the state, to make the students' enrollment official. On air that night, J.F.K. told the nation that we are confronted with a moral dilemma that he said, was “as old as the scriptures and as clear as the American Constitution. The heart of the question is whether all Americans ought ...

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