A Simple Suggestion for Reducing Healthcare Costs in the United States Essays

A Simple Suggestion for Reducing Healthcare Costs in the United States Essays

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There has been a great debate today over the future of healthcare for the United States. This simple suggestion will not only solve the issues surrounding healthcare, but it will also aid in the reducing of the United States Government’s rather substantial deficit and the issue of gun control. I would first however, like to point out that this is only a simple suggestion, which may be accepted or ignored. Considering though, the state of the legislation of this great nation, any suggestion is a possibility that leads the nation one step closer to resolving its current issues.
The age of today is one of complexity and technology. Science and medical research has produced today many things of great complexity, such as pain killers, including Advil, Tylenol, and HeadOn, the effectiveness of which should be debated although at another time, iPods, completely battery operated cars, video games and the greatest graphics for movies. However, in the issue of healthcare, it is time to simplify. We are spending enormous amounts of money on developing cures for cancer, reducing fat and obesity, broken bones and other various illnesses when solutions for these problems have been in existence since the middle Ages.
First of all is the issue of surgery. Whether it’s back surgery, knee surgery, plastic surgery, heart surgery or any other type of surgery, all surgeries have something in common, and that is their outrageous prices. A contributing cause for the cost of surgery is the anesthesia. However, a doctor has to look no further than outside the hospital doors or even past his own hands to find suitable anesthesia. The purpose of anesthesia is to remove all feelings of pain or consciousness during surgery. A sizeable rock, bat or any ot...

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...were indeed quite attached to their elderly, to have them stuffed. Not only will a stuffed relative make a nice reminder of your love for them, it will also make a lovely addition to any room and may also serve as a coat rack or a sentry for your home, thereby also solving the issue of home security.
In conclusion, I propose that we as Americans stop thinking complex and think simple and basic. Sometimes the greatest and quickest way to solving a problem is the simplest way of doing it. By using what nature has already provided, we can reduce the cost of health care considerably and reduce the taxes paid by the American people, after all, we know what happened to Great Britain when it taxed America too much. I therefore humbly suggest that these suggestions be applied to most, if not all, areas of life and followed to their simple yet glorious conclusions.

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