A simple Approach to Managing Stress: Learning to Relax Essays

A simple Approach to Managing Stress: Learning to Relax Essays

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It is imperative that people who work in a highly stressful job or people who live in highly stressful environments learn some simple relaxation techniques in order to manage the stress in their lives. Have you found yourself overcome by stress in your life? Well there are things that you can do extraneously to relieve stress one is a hobby, others are exercise routines, become apart of self help groups or see a therapist. All of the aforementioned things can help a person take control of their life. The first course of action is to identify the causes of stress before a person can successfully learn to manage the stress that maybe consuming their every thought and being. Managing stress is essential to living a healthy life, noted clinical psychologists and lay persons alike have all loosely used the phrase “stress can kill.” The irony of that phrase is that the inability to manage stress can and does kill.

According an article on stress management by HelpGuide.org; stress management starts with identifying stressors, however as identified in the article this is not easy. Both in this article and from other sources identifying the stressors in one’s life is one of the first things that must done in order to take control and reduce the stress that maybe consuming their every thought and action. When recording stressors look closely at life experiences and compile a list of the things that may be contributing to stress or causing anxiety.

Ask questions about a job related stress, home life stressors as well as extracurricular activity stress. Some examples given in the HelpGuide.org article are:

a. Do you explain away stress as temporary (“I am just too busy and I
Have a million things to do right now.”) then you f...

... middle of paper ...

...t to dissipate. Controlling the situations can render the brighter outlook that lurks just out of view.

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