Essay on A Similar Way By Duffy

Essay on A Similar Way By Duffy

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In a similar way, Duffy reminds us that traditional romantic relationships usually end in a restrictive marriage. In Valentine she compared the creamy white rings of the onion with the metal “platinum loops” of a “wedding-ring” which over time will, like the onion rings, “shrink” in size. The negative connotation og the verb ”shrink” suggests that marriage entraps a person and restricts them both physically as well as emotionally, like Martha is in Weekend. Duffy warns others of the consequences of romantic conventions, which can be destructive when compared to free romantic love. Unlike Havisham who perhaps has the thought of marriage on her mind, which stems from the pain of her being dumped at the alter, “Spinster.” The noun is spoken like a profanity or an insult. It is deliberately isolated in a sentence on its own to emphasis Miss Havisham’s own feelings of isolation in a society which women were often defined by their marital status. Havisham “spends whole days/in bed cawing Nooooo at the wall” and the “trembling” of her “yellowing” wedding dress is a reminder of her own torment, shaking with loss and hurt over the lover who left her alone. The “yellowing” dress imitates her emotional atrophy and like her “dark green” eyes, Duffy exploits the negative associations of the colour with decay. The onomatopoetic “Nooooo” reveals the extent of the speaker’s anguish after she was jilted as she recalls viewing herself “full-length” in the “slewed mirror” and asking “who did this.” Havisham no longer recognises the image that appears before her and the verb “slewed” shows how the world that she once knew and felt she belonged to is now unfamiliar and strange, which emphasises just how entirely out of place and alien she feels inhabi...

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... sinister undertones: “Give me a male corpse for a long slow honeymoon”. Again, Duffy subverts our usual association of the honeymoon with joy and happiness into something more menacing. We see her vengeance through the desire for a ‘corpse’, suggesting that she longs for her lover to be dead. Yet at the same time, she seems to also still desire him, wishing for the opportunity to fulfil the role of a lover on a ‘honeymoon’, which could metaphorically suggest both of their deaths would be preferable as then they might be together. In contrast, the speaker in Valentine is very direct in her approach to her feelings. The single emphatic declarative statement: ‘trying to be truthful’ stresses the significance desire for honesty within relationship. Although she realises that she might not succeed, she wants it known that her endeavour is to reflect the reality of love.

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