A Similar Case Of Incident Essay

A Similar Case Of Incident Essay

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A similar case of happened in Ireland, where a 31 year old woman was denied and abortion after the hospital told her that she would miscarry. After five months of waiting to become a mother Savita Halappanavar, finally had her chance until she started experiencing severe back pain which caused her to seek medical assistance. After the checkup the doctor announced to Savita that she will experience a miscarriage. Once the pain was too much for her to bear she asked for an abortion and was denied because of strict abortion laws stating that after the first trimester they cannot terminate it. So Savita had to go through with her miscarriage. After experiencing her miscarriage Savita was in a lot of pain and the fetus slowly died after birth. When trying to nurse Savita back to health the doctors were unable to save her and Savita passed away.
Now, unlike the incident of rape, in this case we have two women who intends on having a child up until they both find out that child is incapable of living beyond the womb and serves no purpose to medically helping another baby.(Pollack, 2012) Even yet these strict abortion laws does not allow them to terminate her birth.(Pollack, 2012) The purpose of keeping these anti-abortion law in place is to preserve the lives of many infants that could be lost but rather than preserving it is harming the life of Suzie Combe and Savita Halappanavar. (Pollack, 2012) Her emotional health is being diminished as she is forced to give birth to her deformed dead baby. This is why these strict anti-abortion laws need to be regulated throughout, not just the United States, but also the world, for cases such as these. I agree both, pro-choice and pro-life supporters, have excellent points to argue. Pro-life may ...

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...not to take care of a child should be her choice. Furthermore, abortion could potentially save women lives as they are faced with medical problems. Abortion can also help save the lives of fetus that cannot survive in the womb by bring them taking them out and giving them medical service they need. As long as abortion remains legal the lives of newborn babies with disfigurement and handicaps would be safe from a lifetime of suffering. Moreover, legalizing abortion will not cause women to abuse abortion. Once regulated abortion can be safe and effective. Therefore anti-abortion laws should be regulated and abortion should be generally excepted so it can enhance the life of the mother and be beneficial to society. Thus, leaving women to have control over their own body and help them to make their own life choices as well as protecting the health and wellbeing of women.

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