A Short Term On Organizational Change Essays

A Short Term On Organizational Change Essays

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3.6 Step Six: Create Short-term Wins

Organisational change is not a short-term process, it requires great amount of patience to feel the process of change. Challenge is to cope with uncertain behaviours that can result in the failure of entire process. If organisation targets low-cost and short-term it can create short-term wins. Conspicuous performance improvement changes the mind-set of people. During the change process, NADRA gave more emphasis on short-term corporate goals. Initially more focus was given to the software development and software integration; later on the focus has expanded to provide technology solutions to other countries. Now NADRA is offering wide range of solutions for domestic as well as international market including Multi- Biometric e-Passport, Automated Border Control, Integrated Solution for Multi-Biometric Identity Cards, Vehicle Monitoring and Identification System, Electronic Point of Sale System, Facial Access Control System, RFID Driving License, Machine Readable Seafarer Identity Document, Biometric Identification & Payment Solutions etc. NADRA has become the Asian leader for providing identity-based multi-biometric technology solutions.

3.7 Step Seven: Consolidate Improvements

Organisations should avoid celebrating premature victory as it often derails the on going thrust and drive. In order to see the change successfully implemented, organisations should definitely keep track of small. Learning is an on going process and organisations should keep learning about new developments, even after implementing the change. If the organisation stop the process of learning and does not rediscover itself over the period of time, then it can never become a self sustain organisation. NADRA has always ke...

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... efficiently managed to transform itself in a successful database and registration organisation of Pakistan. Organisational change can be a slow and daunting process. Longer-term success is never guaranteed but adapting to change and sustaining it over the period of time can surely take the organisation to the new heights of success. NADRA has not only implemented the organisational change efficiently but it has also proven that with great vision, transformational leadership, clear mission, and persistence any organisation can accomplish change effectively. This case has underlined the major elements that have resulted in outstanding success of NADRA. Even though NADRA possesses effective managerial, strategic and operational control in Pakistan but still it requires efficiency and accuracy not only to fully control identity fraud but also to increase its clientele.

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