A Short Term Goals Of The Financial Advisory Department Essay example

A Short Term Goals Of The Financial Advisory Department Essay example

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My short term goal is to work in the financial advisory department in one of the “big four” accounting firms. I would ideally like to leverage my cross-disciplinary academic interests in finance and accounting, to provide institutional clients with a wider range of services, such as financial operations, organizational governance, tax compliance, investment, M&A and restructuring. In the long run, I hope to become a business partner at a top-tier financial consulting firm in China, devoting myself to serving various areas and enterprises, especially the SMEs, comprehensive strategies in investment, financing, organizational operation, valuation, risk and asset management. I expect to assist the corporations with their financial limitations and development needs, including risk management. In this way, I desire to contribute in a positive way to the changing business and financial world in China.

My three years accounting study in the selective honors class, where my 54 classmates were all admitted through a difficult extra exam (out of 600 students), has built solid accounting base for my future career. I have won a scholarship for my top student position and passed 14 Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) professional papers. Benefit from my better grasp of advanced accounting standards, I ranked the TOP 24 in 2015 Job Hunting Competition through finishing an articulate and eloquent bank acquisition analysis report. But during this case analysis, I realized that my undergraduate study scope is too narrow to make me a comprehensive advisor. I need to acquire more knowledge about banking system and investment which are included in Brandies University’s Risk Management curriculum, as my career requires me to apply q...

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... enough flexibility to customize elective courses according to my career interests, through which I will dramatically expand my financial expertise, develop cutting-edge financial methods and realize the seamless connection of my prior accounting background with newly learnt risk management techniques at Brandeis University. On the other hand, with the help of your alumni network and on-campus interviewing, I will not only effectively enhance my intercultural communication competence but also gain easy access to the world’s most prestigious companies. By cooperating with and learning from seasoned financial practitioners, I will get ample entrepreneurial inspirations and greatly accumulate industry experience, which can definitely pave the way for my future career. In short, all I can gain from Brandeis University will be my great asset for my future career success.

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