A Short Stories Of On Christian Liberty, The Apology And Crito Essay

A Short Stories Of On Christian Liberty, The Apology And Crito Essay

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In the short stories of On Christian Liberty, The Apology and Crito the authors discuss how religion and politics intertwine together. Within each story the authors differently presents the effect religion and politics have on each other. The Apology and Crito discusses how Socrates is accused of three crimes and having his own beliefs that the men of Athens do not accept. Because Socrates has his own beliefs he is sent to trial, which causes many controversial debates. On Christian Liberty Martin Luther examens how having faith makes individuals free from the law, and allows justification and salvation.
In the book, The Apology, the protagonist Socrates is charged with studying things in the sky and below the earth, corrupting the youth, not believing in the Gods of Athens, and teaching these beliefs to others for a fee. Chaerephon accuses Socrates for stating he is the wisest man alive. Socrates theory that he is the wisest of all men in Athen intertwines with religion and politics because of this belief he gains hatred from many individuals in Athens which leads to many political debates between those who agree with his concept and those who disapprove his concepts. Socrates says to the jury that he’s the wisest of all because he does not claim to know everything. The only way to become intelligent or wise is to gain information and admit your wrongs. Socrates goes on to prove why he is the wisest of all men in Athens by questioning politicians, poets, and craftsmen about their occupations. The politicians, poets, and craftsmen become outraged and embarrassed when they can not answer Socrates questions regarding their profession. They believe that Socrates is challenging them. Socrates question these three individuals be...

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...ffecting religion, many argue that if Christians don’t intend to live a bad life they have no use for the baptisms because a baptism are only for those who have sinned and they have no intentions of sinning. Christian’s deserve freedom from the law but to a certain extent.
The obvious choices for themes in On Christian Liberty and The Apology & Crito are the effects religion and politics have on each other. Throughout the books, the relationship among god and man are explored. In Plato’s Apology & Crito, Socrates’ defense included proof using his religious views and political detachment. In Luther’s On Christian Liberty, the importance of faith meant a great deal for Christians but there religious beliefs lead to political disagreements. Both texts, On Christian Liberty and The Apology & Crito, discuss how religion and politics intertwines with faith and beliefs.

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