Essay on A Short Note On The Rejection And Passage

Essay on A Short Note On The Rejection And Passage

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2.6. Rejection and Passage
119 To easily go on study, β2-Microglobulin (β2-MG) and human serum albumin were replaced by
120 lysozyme (LZM) and Albumin from bovine serum (BSA). LZM and β2-MG have the similar molecular
121 weight as LZM is 14 KDa while β2-MG is 11.8 KDa. The molecules of them are both positive charge
122 and globulin. At the same time, isoelectric point of them is relatively similar (LZM was 4.6 and β2-
123 MG 5.7). The molecular weight of BSA is 67 KDa while human serum albumin is 69 KDa. BSA
124 rejection, Urea and LZM passage were measured in the same method as UF flux. After preflush the
125 membranes with the solute for about 30 minutes under temperature (25 °C), The BSA rejection, Urea
126 and LZM passage of membranes were measured at the inlet pressure (0.100 MPa) and outlet pressure
127 (0.060 MPa). The initial concentration of urea, LZM and BSA were 2000, 35 and 1000mg/L,
128 respectively.
129 The rejection of BSA(R) was calculated by the following Equation (4):
Membranes 2016, 6, x 4 of 15
 
where Cp and Cr (mg·L−1 130 ) are BSA concentrations of permeate and remaining solution.
131 The urea and LZM passage was calculated by the following Equation (5):

132 where Cp and Cr (mg·L−1) are the concentrations of permeate and remaining solution. The
133 concentration of different solute is determined by UV-Vis spectrophotometer.
134 2.7. Hydrophilic Test
135 The hydrophilicity of membrane surface was characterized on the basis of water contact angle
136 measurement by YH-168A type contact angle goniometer. The membranes (2 × 2 cm) rinsed with
137 ethanol and then put in 60 °C ovens drying for 2 h. The contact angle was measured 10 s after water
138 dropted on the airside surface ...

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...PVP. The PVDF content was 174 22 wt. %. PEG content was 15.8 wt. % and PVP content was 3 wt. %. The cross-sectional SEM 175 micrograph of virgin PVDF membrane (PEG 18.8 wt. %) is M-0. The cross-sectional SEM micrographs 176 of the modified PVDF membranes are M-a, M-b and M-c with PVP molecular weights 6 KDa, 10 KDa 177 and 30 KDa, respectively. 178
The cross-sectional SEM morphologies of different PVDF membranes are shown in Figure 1. The 179 modified PVDF membranes exhibited typical asymmetric structure with a skin layer on outer, an 180 intermediate layer with finger-like structure, and a bottom layer of fully developed macrospores. 181 From Figure 1, it can be seen that the finger-like structure becomes more obvious and the finger-like 182 pores becomes lager and lager with increasing PVP molecular weight. There are two main reasons 183 accounting for that. 184

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